NEW Stonyfield Organic

Organic Yogurt Pouches.
Find 'em in the dairy aisle.


organic fruit.

Creamy lowfat and fat free yogurts with real, organic fruit on the bottom.

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Smooth, creamy, ready for anything.

32 ounces of creamy goodness
makes it perfect for snacking,
cooking or baking.

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Even convenience comes

Organic smoothies know no bounds – and no spoons. Take one for the road.

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A delicious alternative for the lactose- challenged.

Enjoy the great taste, calcium, and protein of dairy yogurt, lactose-free.

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Your morning
coffee just got
a little better.

It was always delicious,
now it’s organic too.

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Give your tastebuds what they want.

This cream whips beautifully. 
And it’s as delicious in soups and sauces as on desserts.

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