5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Get ready to start the day with some quick and easy breakfast ideas. Whether you’re a morning person or not, these Stonyfield-certified recipes are sure to help start your day on the right foot.

Pumpkin Yogurt Pancakes

Grab your flannel, feel the fresh air and breathe in this pumpkin, maple goodness! These pancakes are SO easy to make that you’ll find yourself making them every weekend. *Pro-tip* Drizzle our Organic Whole Milk Maple Yogurt on top when they’re done – you won’t regret it!

Gorilla Morning Smoothie

Looking to get the strength of a gorilla? Well, this smoothie will easily get you on the right track. Packed with healthy juices, fruits, veggies, and our Stonyfield Organic Banilla Lowfat Yogurt, you’ll be feeling like a superhuman in no time!

Apple Oatmeal Quick Bread

The name says it all; quick bread! This quick, easy, and hearty bread makes for a healthy and delicious breakfast. Bake a loaf, slice it up, and bag-it for an easy morning snack. Sweet apples, cinnamon, and calcium-packed Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt come together to create this easy-to-bake bread.

Rainbow Parfait

Add some sweet, organic bliss to your boring fruit salad. Grab a cup, throw in your favorite fruits, and mix in some Stonyfield Organic Plain Lowfat Yogurt to create the perfect and quick parfait. Drizzle some honey on top for some extra sweetness and put it in a mason-jar to pack for an easy on-the-go breakfast!

Oat Bar

Craving something crispy, crunchy, and sweet? Perfect, because these homemade oat bars are just what you need! Follow our quick recipe with sunflower seeds and chopped-up walnuts, or add your own twist. But, never forget to add our Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt to make your easy on-the-go bars tasty; packed with protein and calcium in every bite.