Why We Get Our Blueberries From Canada

The Senneville family has been harvesting wild blueberries in the fields of Quebec, Canada, since the 1970s. In 1984, father and son, Jean-Eudes and Jean-Pierre Senneville, founded Bleuets Sauvages du Québec to bring together family farmers and berry producers who, like the Sennevilles, share a passion for wild blueberries and their health benefits.

farming the wild

Every summer, in the Canadian countryside, the wild organic blueberries in our yogurts are harvested by small farmers and families who come to help pick the berries we use. Locals have been harvesting these wild organic blueberries for generations. As they put it, because they harvest from nature, “It is our duty to take care of nature itself.”

These organic blueberries are grown in harmony with nature, not against it. The peaty, acidic soil in the Canadian countryside makes blueberries thrive. Bees and other pollinators help the berries grow, while local birds provide natural pest management. They taste like wild blueberries because they are.

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Wild blueberries are found in the northeast regions of North America. The soils and cool temperatures of the Lac Saint-Jean areas of Québec are especially good for blueberries. Each year in June, fields are covered in white blueberry plant blossoms, which are pollinated by bees and other small insects. By the end of the summer, in August, the fields are ripe with the small, fruit. These wild blueberries are typically much smaller than the conventional cultivated blueberry; their flavor is more intense, their aroma stronger, too.

At Stonyfield Organic, we’ve become big fans of these wild blueberries, because they’re organic and grown sustainably, and they pack a lot of antioxidants punch.

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