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To help you better understand organic farming practices and their benefits, and how they relate to life on the family farm, we created the Have A Cow® program that connects you, the consumer, to direct supply farms, the farmers, and the cows who provide the milk. You’ll learn about the benefits of organic farming practices and how these farms use them.

Meet the cows

When you sign up for the Have A Cow® program, you can choose to “follow” a cow via email newsletter to learn about how it’s raised, what farm it lives on, and how organic farming works. Through these updates, you will learn about organic farming and responsible ingredient sourcing, and how each benefits the environment.

Organic farming and responsible ingredient sourcing are important ways to help sustain the environment. To learn more about organic farming and responsible ingredient sourcing, please click here.

Mayday Farm

Meet Lynyrd

I’m Lynyrd, and I’m a Maine-iac (that’s what they call people who live in Maine — like me!). I live there with my mom, Lynx, and first-time farmers, Katie and Hayden.

Age: Just a baby.

Fun fact: I’m named after a famous band. (Another fun fact: I was the first official calf born on the farm.)

Best Friend: Everyone I hang out with rocks!

Hobbies: Getting attention.

Likes: I’ve been told I’m like a house cat – I love pets and I’ve been known to be a little sneaky. 🙂

Dislikes: Other cows getting attention – I was born to be a star!

Come play in the pasture! Can you find me in Stonyfield’s Barnyard Bonanza game?


Lynyrd- Mayday Farm

Molly Brook Farm

Meet Flower Child

I live in Cabot, Vermont. My farmers, Myles and Rhonda, are the seventh generation to work on my farm. Even their grandkids help out like old pros!

Age: 4 but doesn’t look a day over 3.

Fun fact: I’m always first to the milking parlor.

Best Friend: My daughter Finesse.

Hobbies: Laying down while eating.

Likes: Tall grass.

Dislikes: Hot summer afternoons… I’ll be inside by a fan, thank you.

Come play in the pasture! Can you find me in Stonyfield’s Barnyard Bonanza game?


Flowerchild | Molly Brook Farm

High Meadow Farm

Meet Ali

My farmers purchased land that hadn’t been a dairy farm for twenty years.

Age: A lady never tells.

Fun fact: I’m named after someone at Stonyfield. 🙂

Best Friend: I like my humans on the farm.

Hobbies: Strolling the yard looking for trouble.

Likes: My space.

Dislikes: Loud cud chewers.

Come play in the pasture! Can you find me in Stonyfield’s Barnyard Bonanza game?


Ali | High Meadow Farm

Maple Valley Jersey Farm

Meet Deer

I live in Fairfield, Vermont. My farmers, John & Cassie Tiffany (and baby Elizabeth!), have been in operation for two years.

Age: 5 years young.

Fun fact: I love to run and jump in the fresh falling snow like a true New England girl.

Best Friend: My stall mate Ysaye. We’re besties.

Hobbies: Splashing in my own personal water bowl in my stall, hehe.

Likes: I like watching the doorway and keeping an eye on who comes and goes. Call me the neighborhood watch.

Dislikes: Being the last one fed!

Come play in the pasture! Can you find me in Stonyfield’s Barnyard Bonanza game?


Deer | Maple Valley Farm
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Molly Brook Farm

Molly Brook Farm | Cabot, VT

Flower Child lives here!

Molly Brook Farm is a 565-acre organic dairy farm located in Cabot, Vermont. Myles Goodrich (60 years) and his wife Rhonda (57 years) own and operate the farm, which has been in the Goodrich family since 1835.

“Our farm’s resilience has relied on the ability to evolve with every new era in farming for the better part of 200 years.”

Head Farmer(s):
Myles & Rhonda Goodrich

Years in operation:
185 years

Milk produced:
10,116 gallons/month

High Meadows Farm

High Meadow Farm | Hoosick Falls, NY

Ali lives here!

High Meadow Farm was born on land that had once been a dairy farm, 20 years before. The facility was resurrected with the intent of producing great organic milk.

Head Farmer(s):
Eric Ziehm

Number of cows:

Milk produced:
23,721 gallons/month

Mayday Farm

Mayday Farm | Leeds, ME

Lynyrd lives here!

This 90-acre farm has been in business has 40 cows, and produces 35,000 pounds of milk per month.

Haden and Katie aren’t just first-gen farmers. Until about 7 years ago, they weren’t even farmers at all. With “Mayday” as their name, they knew well enough that starting their own dairy would be a challenge. But they went for it anyway.

Head Farmer(s):
Haden Gooch & Katie Gualtieri

Milk produced:
35,000 gallons/month


Maple Valley Farm

Maple Valley Jersey Farm | Fairfield, VT

Deer lives here!

Since 2019, Maple Valley Jersey Farm has been providing Stonyfield with some of the most delicious organic milk New England has to offer.

Having both grown up on farms, John and Cassie are no strangers to farm life. With the additions of Maple, their beagle, and their new human daughter, Elizabeth, things are busy but wonderful.

Head Farmer(s):
John & Cassie Tiffany

Milk produced:
5,000 gallons/month


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