Our Timeline

for you, your family, OUR PLANET, Since 1983

Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg founded Stonyfield in 1983

The old farmhouse

Andy Moes claimed he would rather eat camel manure than yogurt, so Gary put him to the test

Stonyfield's first marketing campaign was with Andy Moes

Stonyfield was the first dairy processor to pay farmers not to treat cows with artificial growth hormone rBST

"We treat cows with kindness, not rBST"

In 1999, Stonyfield created its first organic yogurt for babies

1st Certified Whole Milk Organic Yogurt for BabiesSmiling toddler enjoying Stonyfield YoBaby

In 2007, Stonyfield launches the first organic Greek yogurt made in the US

Stonyfield ships first batch of Greek yogurt Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt

In 2008, Stonyfield participates in filming Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. cover art

In 2009, Stonyfield uses the first yogurt cups in the US made from plants

Green grass

In 2014, Stonyfield introduced its first yogurt pouch

Child enjoying a Stonyfield yogurt pouch outside

In 2015, Stonyfield began supporting Wolfes Neck Farm organic dairy farmer training

Farmers and cows in the field together

In 2016, Stonyfield became a certified B Corp

Cow closeupChange

In 2018, Stonyfield celebrated its 35th anniversary

Let's make the Earth cool again!

In 2018, Stonyfield launched the PlayFREE initiative

Kids playing on an organically-maintenanced field

obsessively organic

Juicy, organic pomegranates

Crivelli Farms

We source the organic pomegranate juice that we use in our yogurts from local farms like Crivelli Farms. Based in the western part of the San Joaquin Valley in California, this family of farmers...
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Green Valley Organics & Patenaude Family Farm

Green Valley Organics & Patenaude Family Farm

There’s a whole lot more to organic yogurt than pasture raised cows and the organic grasses they feed on.