Jump starting the next generation of dairy farmers

The population of organic dairy farmers is aging, and very few people are lining up to take their places as they retire. We knew it was important for Stonyfield to play a central role in sustaining and rebuilding organic dairy in America.

We've started right here in our own back yard.

With a $1.69 million grant, we've helped launch a first-of-its kind training program for organic dairy farmers.

Starting a new organic dairy farm is more expensive than starting up other types of farms, and new dairy farmers need to have lots of skills.

In the program, aspiring organic dairy farmers spend two years at Wolfe's Neck Farm on the coast of Maine. Living on site, they receive intensive training in organic farm and pasture management, animal health and comfort, and business planning. At the end, they pitch their farm business plan to potential investors before setting out on their own.

The first group of trainees started in June of 2015. We'll be following them on our blog as they move through the program, so stay tuned.