Green Wind Farm – The Wolcott Family

Food is personal. That’s why we believe in having a personal relationship with the farmers who grow the crops and milk the cows. Luckily for us, organic farmers just happen to be some of the most thoughtful and passionate people on the planet, and building these relationships is one of the best parts of our job. Another perk is introducing our farmer partners (and their cows) to you.

meet Julie

Julie Wolcott owns a farm in Vermont with her husband

Julie Wolcott and her husband Steve live in an 1820’s farmhouse with a big, red barn. Their acres of rolling hills are covered with native Vermont herbs, clover, and grasses that return lusher and more diverse every year.

Julie is in her 70’s and a lifelong farmer, but the acres of Green Wind Farm were not always teeming with herbs and grasses. They used to hold rows and rows of cow corn.

Green Wind Farm goes organic

In 2016, the Wolcott’s decided to partner with us to convert Green Wind Farm to organic. That meant pulling up the feed corn to make room for pasture, and today Julie has a passion for fostering a robust and saturated series of grazing areas, or paddocks, for her cows to roam and graze.
“(Julie’s) cows rotate through different paddocks every day, each one saturated with lush grasses and plants. This method of farming allows the cows to feed themselves and fertilize their pastures naturally, resulting in less fossil-fuel consumption, less erosion, less air and water pollution and greater soil fertility.” - Julie Fagan, blogger at Peanut Butter Fingers
The Green Wind Farm pastures offer a myriad of plants to the herd, and Julie’s cows are choosy! Each plant carries different nutrients, and depending on how the cows are feeling that day, they may go for any one of the native species. Dandelions, with their liver supporting nutrients and abundant Vitamin C, are a perennial favorite. We’re also willing to bet they taste delicious (for the cows).What's in a name? We’ve heard a few cow-naming methods in our day, but Julie’s might be a favorite. The 25 head herd of Jerseys at Green Wind Farm is made up of families, and each family follows a theme. Neighbors, children, grandchildren, and friends take part in making sure every cow has her very own, very personalized name.
“A famous woman singer family (with the youngest calf named Rihanna), a baseball family (our son's idea!), a comet family, a "terms of endearment" family, a flora and fauna family, a star family whose calves are named based on the planet, star or constellation prominent in the sky on the day of their birth (Venus, Spica, Auriga, Capella, Mars). We have one family named after women who lived in the village in El Salvador where our daughter served in the Peace Corps (Yolita, Delita, Perlita).” - Julie Wolcott
There’s always something new to discover at Green Wind Farm. Julie and Steve are often busy with sugaring for maple syrup, or planting and harvesting in their orchards and subsistence gardens. Meanwhile Rihanna, Venus, Yolita, and Capella can most often be found clearing dandelions, and aerating and fertilizing the pasture they feed on.