Sustainability Pays Off: 3 Energy-Saving Tips That Help The Earth

March 31, 2022

Supporting Renewables | Stonyfield Organic

Whether you reuse  items instead of throwing them away, leverage energy efficient appliances at home, or commit to better recycling habits, there are so many ways you can become more sustainable. If you’re on a mission to be more efficient, check out these energy-saving tips to help you save some green.

Find little ways to reuse and renew.

Old yogurt cups can start plants, egg cartons can store holiday ornaments, DVDs make great retro-looking coasters—the list goes on! Come up with a contest to see who can come up with the most creative reused item. Not only can this be a fun way to spend time with loved ones, but it can help you look at your “trash” differently.

Get ‘smarter’ with your technology.

The world is getting smarterand your home can get smarter, too. Smart technology can be programmed to fit your schedule or preferences, and automatically adjust as needed to boost efficiency. Some can even be monitored and controlled by your phone. Consider upgrading to smart appliances, lighting, or thermostat to save time and money. 

Create a system to recycle more efficiently.

Recycling can be confusing. To maximize your recycling potential, you first must understand what you can and can’t recycle. That way, you can create an intentional system that helps facilitate and reinforce better recycling habits for the whole familywhether that’s color-coded bins or recycle cheat sheets on your fridge! 

(Oh, and we’re not just sharing energy-saving tips – we’re making moves, too! Check out how Stonyfield Organic is leveraging renewable energy!)