Creamy dense Yogurt Cheese that's easy to make?! Sign us up! Get this delicious recipe and learn how to make your own in less than one day!
A fun twist on a fan favorite! These Jalapeno Poppers are made with yogurt cheese, reducing fat & calories over traditional ones made with cream cheese. Surprise family and friends by using organic yogurt in new ways that take your kitchen game to the next level.
Use well drained yogurt cheese for this herbed yogurt cheese spread recipe, optimally one that has drained for at least 24 hours. You want it to be very thick and dry. Use your favorite herbs—those below are a suggestion.
Tzatziki is our number one favorite Greek dip. In Greece it is traditionally made with sheep’s milk yogurt and is thick and rich. Here, we make it with homemade yogurt cheese, a very fine alternative. You'll love this Greek-style yogurt cheese dip made with our Yogurt Cheese Recipe using Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Plain yogurt.