We’ve been there

At rallies, lobbying on Capitol Hill, speaking up and shouting out, and creating major change – right here at home at our headquarters in New Hampshire. All with one thing in mind – making a difference!

advocating for our earth SINCE 1983

Being founded (and grounded) in our mission to create a healthier planet drives us to advocate for our earth, everyday. We believe in progress over perfection and are delighted that others have followed in our footsteps. As we continue on this fight we welcome you to stand up with us.


  • Stonyfield is born


  • 1st US manufacturer to offset all Greenhouse gas from facility energy use - and still do
  • Stonyfield Environmental Cookbook with recipes to reverse global warming


  • Install NH’s largest Photovoltaic Solar Panel Array (the largest to date at the time!)


  • Convert wastewater into biogas in an onsite wastewater treatment system
  • Launch Climate Counts, a non-profit organization bringing consumers and companies together to fight climate change


  • Open new green building, designed to use 40% less energy than an average office
  • Create mini-billboards on cups. 200MM+ lids produced with environmental messaging


  • Receive the EPA Clean AIr Excellence Award
  • Publish Stirring It Up by Gary Hirshberg
  • Launch Greener Cow Project to reduce methane created by cow burps
  • Join BICEP: Businesses for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy to advocate for a competitive, low-carbon economic future


  • Introduce the first yogurt cup made from plants with our YoBaby cups


  • Begin measuring life-cycle emissions of our products in real time


  • Start sending excess yogurt whey to farmers for animal feed



  • Sign on in support of the Paris Climate Accord with other supporting companies


  • Support effort to push the EPA for higher fuel efficiency standards for heavy trucks.
  • Become B Corp certified: Stonyfield scores a 92 upon being certified.