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There are 7 billion people, but only 1 planet Earth.

Everybody calls it the world, but it’s really our home. So, we should all take good care of it. At Stonyfield, we’re doing everything we can. See what we mean here, and find out how you can help too.

make the Earth Cool Again

Organic Playing Fields
Because all fields should be organic
Please join us as we take on our biggest MISSION yet. Let’s make every field in America ORGANIC by stopping the use of harmful pesticides on playing fields...
Advocating for our Earth Since 1983
Advocating for our Earth Since 1983
Being founded (and grounded) in our mission to create a healthier planet drives us to advocate for our earth, everyday. We believe in progress over perfection.
Stonyfield’s Science-Based Target – 30 by 30
Helping Agriculture Become A Climate Change Solution with OpenTEAM
We’re serious about reducing our impact on climate change and we need to work with the farms we source from to help them reduce their emissions too...
Why Supporting Our Farmers is Personal
Why Supporting Our Farmers is Personal
What a great summer it’s been this year, right? Lots of bright sunny days and not many rain days. It’s been great weather for family picnics and outdoor activit...
what it means to b a better business
what it means to b a better business
At Stonyfield, we think about the impact of everything we do—from what's in the cup and how it's made, to how it gets to you. We've been on a mission to create f...

getting involved

Let's Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Let’s celebrate Earth Day - Every Day!
At Stonyfield Organic we have been celebrating our Earth since before we even started making yogurt and our commitment to the planet has been unwavering ever since...
A rolling green field on a sunny day
Be in the Know. Get Involved
Make your mark. Learn More. Do More. Start here.
Farmer Voices: Organic Ways to Keep Pests Away
Farmer Voices: Organic Ways to Keep Pests Away
As a young, first-generation farmer, my interest in agriculture is centered on a love for good food, a healthy lifestyle and a hearty ecosystem. To me, organic f...
Climate (Change) Fighters
Climate (Change) Fighters
We’ve been there: at the rallies, lobbying on Capitol Hill, speaking up and shouting out, and creating major change - right here at home at our headquarters in N...

recent articles about going green

Tractor Entering a Barn
Saving Endangered Species in our Own Backyard
Here at Stonyfield, we have been collaborating with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to support their SAFE program – Saving Animals from Extinction. I...
The White House May Be Out, but We’re Still In!
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: We’re Still In!
At Stonyfield, we’ve been concerned about climate change for 35 years. Our co-founder, Gary Hirshberg, studied climate change in college in the late 1970s and it...
Diary cows in a green field
Earth Overshoot Day is Not Your Average Wednesday
One of the most important days of the year occurs today but, chances are, you’ve never even heard of it. Why is it so important? Because it not only reveals our global pri...
5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly
5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly
When we think about taking steps to make our home eco-friendly the bathroom isn’t the first room that comes to mind. However, in just a few simple steps you can t...

maybe you didn't know

At Stonyfield, the Healthy Mission Came First, Yogurt Making Second

Farmer Voices: What are The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen?

3 Simple and Nutritious Smoothies for Babies