Always made with USDA organic ingredients, Stonyfield Kids is available in pouches, cups, tubes and smoothies and now features 10 grams or less of sugar per serving, giving parents another reason to trust Stonyfield to provide the very best yogurt for their families! Stonyfield Kids is always made without the use of artificial hormones, toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs. Save $1.50 today!

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Just Sweet Enough
Our Stonyfield Organic Kids yogurts have 25% to 40% less sugar than leading kids' yogurt!** Read more here.
Why I Choose Organic for My Kids
After our oldest son was born and began eating solid foods, we made the choice to feed him as much organic food as we could, and while we didn’t know all of the reasons to choose organic, we only needed one – pesticides... Read more here.

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*Source: IRI Total US MULO Dollar Sales YTD ending 01/31/18.

**Stonyfield Organic Kids yogurts have between 2.25g and 3g of sugar per oz vs 4g per oz in the leading kids’ yogurt.

***Stonyfield Organic Kids and Whole Milk pouches have between 2.9g and 2.6g of sugar per oz vs 4g per oz in the leading kids' yogurt.