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There’s no reason why yogurt should only be part of your morning routine. It’s a key ingredient in some of the best food out there. So check out these recipes and blogs from our favorite foodies. We’ve got something tasty for every meal of the day.

cooking and baking with yogurt

Substitution Guide for Baking

You can use this substitution guide to make tasty dressing and desserts, creamy soups, moist bakes goods and tender marinated meats. And to cut fat and calories...

Our Favorite Recipe of the Month From Danny Seo: Pumpkin Waffles

Breakfast is ready! Super crisp hearty waffles with the warm flavor of unsweetened pumpkin puree topped with fresh fruit and organic yogurt.

Meet Danny Seo

Lifestyle expert Danny Seo has teamed up with Stonyfield Organic to create some of most delicious yogurt based recipes you'll ever taste! Through his magazine, b...

Easy Vegetarian Chili Mac made with Pantry Staples

Truth be told, I love a good meal plan. I like to sit down on Sunday, plan out meals for the week, and make my grocery list accordingly. It’s just that sometimes...

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The Simplest, Merriest Holiday Breakfast Everyone Will Love

Christmas morning is a beautiful time to truly celebrate your family, and breakfast should help build up that joy – not take you or your partner out of the picture for an hour while you prep a morning feast!

Six Play Date Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Whenever you get a group of kids together (or moms for that matter), snack time is virtually inevitable. After all, getting together with friends is always better with good food to bond over!

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Mini Mason Jar Banana Bread

Mini Vegan Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Southwest Chicken Dip