Stonyfield Sweepstakes Winners

2020 Winners 


MAYDAY! Week Four: Stonyfield Self Care Package MAYDAY Sweepstakes
Congratulations to Mary A., Christina C., Kathleen R., Barbara F., and Dimples M.

MAYDAY! Week Three: StonyFIELDS #playfree MAYDAY Sweeps
Congratulations to Madeline S., Melissa P., Wendy S., Chad L., and Samantha B.

MAYDAY! Week Two: Stonyfield Rainy Day Sweepstakes
Congratulations to Megan C., Ruth W., Len F., Susan U., and Bonnie F.

MAYDAY! Week One: Stonyfield Organic Mother of All Sweepstakes
Congratulations to Ann D., Amy R., Lisa O., Debra L., and Donna L.