Stonyfield's Milk Sourcing Initiative

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Stonyfield’s Milk Sourcing Initiative is a long term program focused on creating value for both the producer and processor. Launched in 2014 as part of an effort to grow and strengthen organic dairy in the Northeast.  Our  focus is to maintain our relationships with existing producers supplying high quality milk.  The program was built upon working with three types of farmers: (i) new farmers wanting to realize their dream of running a dairy farm; (ii) transitioning conventional farmers; and (iii) existing organic farmers that want to grow their herd or seek to transfer their farm on to the next generation.

Minimum Qualification Standards Currently we are not accepting any new producers.

That being said our regional interest is the Eastern NY and New England area (Eastern NY, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  This provides efficient hauling and our commitment to local sourcing.  Farms must be easily accesible with tractor trailer trucks.  Farms must have high standards for milk quality and also be inviting to Stonyfield staff and customers

Base Pay Price: $32.41/cwt
Base Pay Price is comprised of Component Pricing, Organic Premium, and Techn ical Assistance Program.
$15.36 Component Pricing based on 3.5% Butterfat, 3.05% Protein, 5.65% Other Solids
$13.80 Organic Premium
$3.25 Year 1 Technical Assistance Program (up to $3.50 in Year 2 and beyond)
$32.41 per cwt
Component Pricing
Component prices will be as follows:
Butterfat: $2.00 per pound
Protein: $2.00 per pound
Other Solids: $0.40 per pound

Volume Incentive
Suppliers receive a volume premium based on total monthly production according to the following cumulative program, subject to SCC less than 200,000.

Monthly Production Lbs

75,000 - 150,000 $0.25 / cwt
150,001 - 225,000 $0.50 / cwt
225,001 - 300,000 $0.75 / cwt
> 300,000 $0.75 / cwt

Each additional 25,000 lbs results in an additional $0.25 / cwt, with a cap of $4.00 / cwt.

Technical Assistance Program

A premium of up to $3.25/cwt in year 1, and $3.50/cwt in year 2 and beyond will be pai d to producers successfully participating in Stonyfield’s technical assistance program (the “TA Program” ). This program provides farm ers access to tailored support from industry professionals to optimize and grow their business and rewards farmers who are able to achieve Key Performance Indicators through their own management abilities.

Program Review

Stonyfield will bi-annually evaluate data collected through our TA Program and external market conditions associated with farm cost of production, particularly the cost of feed. This information will be used to adjust the base pay price to be responsive to both short-term and lon g-term changes in cost of organic milk production.

Stonyfield Quality Program

Somatic Cell Count (SCC):

The premium formula is $0.75 per 100,000 under 300,000 on a linear basis. The hinge point is 300,000. The deduction formula is $0. 50 per 100,000 over 300,000 on a linear basis. Maximum deduct level is at a cell count of 750,000. As an example, a somatic cell count of 200,000 would result in a $0.75/cwt premium, while a somatic cell count of 400,000 would result in a $0.50/cwt deduct.

Standard Plate Count:

Stonyfield has a premium/deduct program for Standard Plate Count (SPC).

SPC Quality Payment Chart
SPC X 1000
1-10 $0.35 Premium
11-20 $0.00  
21-30 ($0.10) Deduct
31-100 ($0.25) Deduct
100+ ($0.35) Deduct

Lab Pasteurization Count:

Stonyfield has a premium/deduct program for Lab Pasteurization Count (LPC).

LPC Payment Chart
0-50 $0.75 Premium
51-100 $0.25 Premium
101-250 $0.00  
251-300 ($0.75) Deduct
301+ ($1.00) Deduct

Preliminary Incubation (PI) Count:

Stonyfield’s Quality Program does not use PI as a basis for quality payments.


There are no hauling charges for farms shipping a minimum of 1,000 lbs every other day. Qualified far ms that are below 1,000 lbs every other day will be charged a pick up fee until pick-up is in excess of 1,000 lbs every other day.

Nothing contained in this explanation of Stonyfield’s Milk Sourcing Initiative is intended to amend or abrogate any existing contracts Stonyfield currently has in effect with producers. Stonyfield reserves the right to change the information set f orth herein as market or other factors dictate, and will provide an update on this website. The terms hereof are not intended to constitute an of fer to any producer or third party and said terms will not be effective until such time said parties enter into a written contract with Stonyfield incorporating the terms hereof and Stonyfield’s other standard terms and conditions.

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