Stonyfield’s Milk Sourcing Initiative

Stonyfield's Milk Sourcing Initiative

Currently, we are not accepting any new producers for 2018 or 2019

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Stonyfield’s Milk Sourcing Initiative is a long-term program focused on creating value for both the producer and processor. Launched in 2014 as part of an effort to grow and strengthen organic dairy in the Northeast. Our focus is to maintain relationships with existing producers supplying high quality milk. The program was built upon working with three types of farmers: (i) new farmers wanting to realize their dream of running a dairy farm; (ii) transitioning conventional farmers; and (iii) existing organic farmers that want to grow their herd or seek to transfer their farm to the next generation.

Minimum Qualification Standards 
Our supply is regionally focused in Eastern NY and New England (Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine). This provides efficient hauling and our commitment to local sourcing. Farm facilities must be accessible with tractor trailer trucks and have well maintained driveways in all weather conditions. Dairy farmers must excel in producing the highest quality milk, be well-kept and inviting to Stonyfield staff and customers.

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