Stonyfield Organic

Woodman Park
Dover, NH

The City of Dover, New Hampshire is committed to a greener future, adopting an organic field maintenance plan for much-loved Woodman Park. Read the full story below!


Woodman Park, located in Dover, NH, has a baseball field, walking track, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground shared with Woodman Park Elementary School.


Since 2013, Non Toxic Dover, a group of concerned parents and community members, has been discussing healthier alternatives to conventional land management with the City of Dover and its school district. In 2014, the City of Dover decided to stop using neonicotinoids which pollute water and harm both children’s brain development and helpful insects.

Soon after this vote, two parks were transitioned to organic maintenance and further education was provided to city officials and residents regarding healthier land management and lawn care. In 2018, the city wholeheartedly committed to organic park and field maintenance with a unanimous vote. Woodman Park’s ball field will be transitioned to an organic maintenance plan and Stonyfield is thrilled to be part of their journey!


Stonyfield is proudly supporting the City of Dover to help fund the transition to organically maintained city parks and fields. Stonyfield and our expert partners Beyond Pesticides and Osborne Organics will help implement these plans over the next three years.

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