Tustin, CA

Tustin, CA sits in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, and the people of Tustin know a thing or two about organic greenspace maintenance. On March 13th, 2019, the City of Tustin planted a Canary Island Pine Tree at Centennial Park to celebrate Arbor Day – and their designation for the prestigious Tree City USA award 22 years running. This award recognizes environmental improvement, excellent tree care in the United States, and four city requirements met: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and Arbor Day observance. 17 of Tustin’s community parks are already maintained organically! Thanks to the support of Non Toxic Neighborhoods, Tustin recently voted for all fields to go organic – and now Non Toxic Tustin is working to bring non-toxic pesticides and field maintenance to the rest of the city fields.


The Tustin area’s incredible forestry has been turning heads for centuries. People familiar to the area often refer to Tustin as “The City of Trees” - with a nickname like that, it’s only fitting that Tustin would have some of the best parks around! The Tustin Sports Park offers 20 acres of outdoor space for the community to enjoy. In this space there are picnic tables, tennis courts, basketball courts, and baseball fields - not to mention a playground and multi-use trails! The park is a local favorite for families and athletes alike, and will soon be a safer place to play for all.


The community parks of Tustin, CA are already maintained organically (high-fives all around).The City of Tustin wants to take their sustainability a step further and remove all reliance on organic fertilizers, which will save on costs and environmental impact in the long run.


Stonyfield is excited to support the City of Tustin, CA in their mission to help their community play free of chemicals and harmful pesticides. As part of our StonyFIELDS program, we have made a donation to the City of Tustin to help bring this next phase of healthier parks and fields to life! Stonyfield is committed to working with Tustin for the next three years alongside our expert partner, Non Toxic Neighborhoods, to make sure Tustin is a place where everyone is free to play in a non-toxic environment. Learn more about the StonyFIELDS initiative below!