Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT, has been working to transition fields and parks to organic maintenance and is now working on converting three high use sports fields. Read more below!


Salt Lake City, UT, is a rapidly growing city in the Rocky Mountains, making it an incredible location for lovers of the outdoors and sports. It’s no wonder then that Salt Lake City has so many dynamic parks and sports fields for its residents to run, play, and connect at. To minimize pesticide exposure for its residents, Salt Lake City has already begun converting these parks to organic maintenance and care.

Chief among the city’s parks is the Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex, or SLC RAC. The SLC RAC is home to 16 multi-use sports fields on 100 acres, complete with state-of-the-art facilities, parking, and rugged mountain views.

The transitioning of its sports fields, along with the fields at Sunnyside Park and Westpointe Park, is a testament to Salt Lake City’s commitment to helping its communities play free and safe from harmful pesticides.


As part of the Healthy Babies Bright Futures initiative, Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department is working to test the use of organic weed killers and other healthy alternatives throughout its parks. By converting the Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex, as well as Sunnyside and Westpointe Parks, the city is continually moving towards a greener future free of chemicals and harmful pesticides. Salt Lake City is working with Beyond Pesticides to increase public awareness of harmful pesticides.

Stonyfield is proudly supporting Salt Lake City in their continued efforts to transition their parks and fields to organic maintenance, creating safe and healthy places for kids to grow and #playfree.


Stonyfield has given Salt Lake City a donation to be used towards improving the organic maintenance of their city parks and fields. We’re committed to help with organic maintenance over the course of three years for a brighter, cleaner, greener future of play!