Richmond, CA

The vibrant city of Richmond, CA has joined the national movement against harmful pesticides in public parks and fields. Richmond has banned glyphosate and herbicide use from city departments, and Stonyfield is excited to support the Richmond community in transitioning to less toxic forms of weed control city-wide!


Founded in 1905, the city of Richmond, CA sits in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. The seaside city actually has a National Park designation, covering the Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park, three regional shoreline parks, and over 50 other city parks of all shapes and sizes.Richmond will be transitioning its beloved Nichol Park in a city-wide move towards organic park and field maintenance. Nichol Park offers a sprawling 21 acres of outdoor activities for the whole family – including (but not limited to) a playground, soccer field, picnic area, lawn bowling, putting green, tennis courts, baseball/softball fields, and community center!


Richmond adopted an Integrated Pest Management plan in July of 2012 to minimize pesticide use within city departments that dealt with pest and weed control. While this plan did aim to limit pesticide use, the city did not ban it completely – until a few years later, that is!

In 2015, the Richmond City Council unanimously voted to ban all pesticide use from public parks and fields. The city is working with school districts, city departments, and enthusiastic citizens to encourage a continued movement away from harmful pesticides and towards organic field maintenance.


Stonyfield is proud to be supporting Nicholl Park’s transition to organic maintenance with the help of our expert partners, Beyond Pesticides and Osborne Organics. The funds that Stonyfield is contributing as part of our StonyFIELDS initiative have brought the organic model (with no harmful pesticides or chemicals) to over 1 million people and counting – and the Richmond, CA community is up next!

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