Lisle, IL

The town of Lisle, IL is on a mission to keep their park system safe, fun, and free from harmful pesticides. Stonyfield is teaming up with the Lisle Park District and Midwest Goes Green to help transition not one, not two… but FOUR town parks to organic maintenance!


Lisle, IL is home to a beloved system of parks and recreational opportunities for family-friendly fun. From outdoor movies after dark, to museums on local history and culture, to an award-winning water park – the Lisle Park District offers something to enjoy for all!

The neighborhood parks transitioning to organic maintenance this year provide a special sense of adventure and charm to those who frequent their facilities. Abbeywood Park, Connelly Memorial Park, Oak Hill Park, and Leask Park have extensive amenities for play – including basketball courts, tennis courts, playground equipment, running trails, open fields, and even a fishing pond.


Lisle town residents first brought the issue of pesticide use to town officials in the spring of 2018, after learning about the environmental and human health risks associated with conventional pesticide practices. These residents then created the organization Non-Toxic Lisle in an effort to educate and advocate for organic maintenance on town fields (hip hip!).

The members of Non-Toxic Lisle then invited the non-profit Midwest Goes Green initiative to attend a Lisle Park District meeting and offer technical expertise on how to craft a successful transition to organic fields. In spring 2019, the town committed to a pilot program for organic, all-natural maintenance methods on four park fields, and Stonyfield is giving them a grant for two of them: Connelly Memorial Park and Leask Park.


Midwest Grows Green, with support from Stonyfield Organic, will feature Lisle Park District’s four parks as examples of managing thriving organic landscapes. With no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, this program will continue to encourage large scale pesticide reduction behavior change in Lisle and across the Midwest.

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