George Izay Park
Burbank, CA

We love the organic moves that Burbank, CA has been making with its public parks. Since 2017, the Burbank parks and their staff have been working towards the removal of non-organic herbicides from their playing fields and parks.


The local favorite George Izay Park is known for its softball fields, picnic grounds, tennis courts, handball courts, and sprawling playground. With a mounted Air Force jet at its entrance, the park is a hard one to miss when you’re in town!

After banning the herbicide glyphosate in March 2017, Burbank officials announced that they would no longer use non-organic herbicides on local fields - opting for sustainable and organic field and planter maintenance instead.


In 2017, glyphosate was added to California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals that with significant exposure are known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Soon after, concerned parents and community members from Non Toxic Burbank requested Burbank school officials to stop using glyphosate at school fields, and within a few days, officials agreed. This swift victory for Burbank residents has resulted in treating school play fields with an organic herbicide instead of products containing glyphosate. Non Toxic Burbank didn’t stop there; they worked with the Burbank Department of Parks and Recreation Department to make other parks and fields free from non-organic herbicides and ready for play. Stonyfield will be hosting a field day in honor of Burbank’s glyphosate-free maintenance at the popular George Izay Park! The Burbank community has made the organic care of their parks and fields a reality - that’s an achievement worth celebrating.


Stonyfield is excited to support Burbank, CA in their continued mission to help their community play free from non-organic herbicides. As part of our StonyFIELDS program, we have made a donation to Burbank to help continue their work in establishing healthy organic parks and fields! Stonyfield is committed to working with Burbank for the next three years alongside our expert partner, Non Toxic Neighborhoods, to help Burbank in its journey to becoming a place where everyone can play in a glyphosate-free environment.