East Grand Rapids, MI

The City of East Grand Rapids, MI is committed to reducing the use of synthetic pesticides in their parks and fields. Stonyfield is excited to be teaming up with this beloved midwest city and Midwest Goes Green to help transition John Collins Park to organic park and field maintenance!


East Grand Rapids – lovingly known as “East” – is home to one city park that will be making the transition to organic maintenance. John Collins Park, named after the beloved East Grand Rapids mayor John A. Collins, sits alongside Reeds Lake and is host to concerts, movies, and more community events year-round.


The City of East Grand Rapids is passionate about its community’s health. Local organizations like Midwest Grows Green, the local Sierra Club Chapter, and the Michigan Department of Community Health have helped to raise awareness of synthetic pesticides’ impact, while members of the city government have worked to initiate widespread education and tangible change. East Grand Rapids Public Schools have most notably adopted an Integrated Pest Management program, with an explicit effort to reduce pesticide use as much as possible.

Using this park as an example of safe, effective field maintenance without synthetic pesticides, East Grand Rapids is hopeful to transition all city parks to organic turf maintenance in the future!

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