Costa Mesa, CA

In 2014, the City of Costa Mesa, CA reevaluated pesticide use and lawn maintenance practices in favor of more sustainable methods. To take the sustainability a step further, the local community group Non Toxic Neighborhoods has spent the last two years advocating for a positive change in their parks. As part of our StonyFIELDS program, we will be teaming up with Non Toxic Neighborhoods and the City of Costa Mesa to take their field maintenance to the next level – organic – starting with Luke Davis Field and steps being taken at TeWinkle Park!


Luke Davis Field is a beloved softball field and the site of the City’s successful organic maintenance pilot program in 2014. After this pilot program, the City adopted more organic forms of weed and pest management and cut out the use of glyphosates. Named after Costa Mesa’s first mayor, Charles TeWinkle, TeWinkle Park boasts 49 acres of sports fields and courts, as well as picnic areas, barbecues, and a shining lake and waterfalls. By transitioning this popular park’s current management plan to an organic one, TeWinkle Park will be a place where kids, families, pets, and community members can play free of harmful pesticides!


While the City of Costa Mesa has already taken significant steps to modifying their plans for field and park management, Non Toxic Neighborhoods members have successfully advocated for even broader implementation of organic field maintenance in their parks. Both Davis Field and TeWinkle Park are popular and their successful transition to organic maintenance will model a new, healthier way to manage public parks in Costa Mesa.


Stonyfield is thrilled to see the work Non Toxic Neighborhoods and the City of Costa Mesa have already done, and we are honored to be part of this next phase towards healthier parks and fields! As part of our StonyFIELDS program, we have made a donation to the City of Costa Mesa to help fund the implementation of an organic field maintenance plan for both Luke Davis Field and TeWinkle Park. Stonyfield is committed to work alongside Non Toxic Neighborhoods for the next three years to ensure Costa Mesa is a place where everyone is free to play in a safer park!