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StonyFIELDS Community Donation

Community Donation

Does your town have a policy in place that supports or requires the use of organic practices in parks and playing fields, but hasn’t yet transitioned all fields to organic? Or is your town interested in exploring transitioning to organic and ready to commit a couple of fields to a trial? Community donations provide towns already making progress with organic policy with $5,000 to use towards the purchase of organic (OMRI-approved) inputs or landscaping equipment needed for organic management, plus in-kind community support and technical services valued at $10,000-$20,000. Residents, town employees, or town elected officials can nominate their community to receive one of these donations.

Application Window Currently Closed

StonyFIELDS Grass root Donation

Grassroots Donation

Are you ready to help your community transition playing fields to organic management, but your town elected officials aren’t quite ready to commit? Could residents in your community benefit from learning how to use organic landscaping practices in their own yard? If so, the grassroots donation might be just the thing to take your community organization to the next level. Applicants must be 501 c3 certified non-profit organization. Donation recipients must commit to reporting back to Stonyfield on how they used the funds.

Application Window Currently Closed