Grand prize winner of Stonyfield Organic Backyard Makeover Sweeps

Second Prize Winners:
Lori from Indiana
Crystal from Florida
Kathy from California
Scott from Kansas
Robert from Wisconsin
Tinha from Georgia
John from Texas
Marianne from Oklahoma
Sally from Michigan
Lori from Michigan


Third Prize Winners:
Lance from Nebraska
Mark from Michigan
Valerie from Michigan
Dominick from Texas
Katrina from Texas
Tia from Florida
Lucas from California
Samantha from New Hampshire
Ashley from Texas
Lindsay from Washington
Cherie from Oregon
Jenifer from Virginia
Amy from New York
Clif from Missouri
Raven from Tennessee
Basil from New York
Kristin from Rhode Island
Jeff from Pennsylvania
Paul from Colorado
Oiying from Illinois
Thomas from Florida
Ben from Ohio
Marc from Maryland
Judy from Tennessee
Jennifer from Indiana
Susan from Texas
Cynthia from Tennessee
Marc from Connecticut
Judith from New York
Tasha from Washington
Kimberly from Michigan
Trisha from South Carolina
Brenda from Texas
Kari from Illinois
Chelsea from Maine
Erica from Iowa
Shortie from Kansas
Joann from Pennsylvania
Steve from Ohio
Jerry from Florida
Jennifer from Michigan
Blanca from North Carolina
Kimberly from Maryland
Pattie from Virginia
Jeane from Colorado
Valeri from Louisiana
Summer from Pennsylvania
Sonny from Arkansas
Kaila from Idaho
Terry from Wisconsin
Robyn from New York
Howard from Nebraska
Melissa from Maryland
Thomas from Minnesota
Chris from Arizona
Kathleen from New Hampshire
Mikhail from New York
Stephanie from Texas
Shane from Michigan
Alexis from California
Shelly from South Carolina
Jennifer from Kansas
Warfield from Ohio
Joanna from Alabama
Ruth from Florida
Daniel from Pennsylvania
Amy from Georgia
Carrie from Idaho
Emily from Kentucky
Chris from Pennsylvania
Leslie from Colorado
Brittany from Ohio
Marie from New Jersey
Julie from Michigan
Kelly from Maryland
Melodie from Kansas
Marie from Colorado
Tami from Florida
Amy from Tennessee
Dannielle from Pennsylvania
Andrew from Ohio
Rebekah from Arizona
Jennifer from West Virginia
Denise from Georgia
Ian from Michigan
Kathy from Missouri
Robert from Montana
Robert from Missouri
Malcomb from Florida
Sheila from Illinois
Lisa from Virginia
Teresa from Florida
Megan from Nebraska
Gina from Georgia
Lisa from Texas
Colleen from Missouri
Pamela from North Carolina
Jennifer from Maryland
Jenell from Alabama
Misty from Kansas


Fourth Prize Winners:
Norman from Alabama
Kelly from Missouri
Joann from Virginia
Scott from California
Kat from Utah
Ashley from Illinois
Pamela from Oregon
Elizabeth from Florida
Lindao from Ohio
Maria from Texas
Alexander from North Carolina
Melinda from Pennsylvania
Catherine from Tennessee
Melanie from Virginia
David from Arkansas
Robert from Washington
Curt from Pennsylvania
Rhonda from Iowa
Letha from Michigan
Amanda from California
Stacey from Texas
Stacey from Pennsylvania
Lisa from Connecticut
Alexandra from Georgia
Elizabeth from California
Kassandra from North Dakota
Sandra from New Hampshire
Dan from Michigan
Sam from Kentucky
Melissa from Georgia
Joy from Indiana
Megan from Florida
Marilyn from Florida
Jenny from Oregon
Kathleen from Texas
Tonya from South Carolina
Karen from California
Krystal from Kentucky
Anne from Massachusetts
Phyllis from Illinois
Teresa from Alabama
Tammy from Nevada
Richard from Kentucky
Matthew from Arizona
Evelyn from Michigan
Donald from Ohio
Fp from Wyoming
Eddie from Washington
Mabel from Arizona
Vision from Missouri
Patricia from Texas
Hannah from Ohio
Amber from Georgia
Debra from South Carolina
Jeffrey from Maryland
Marie from Maine
Joyce from Michigan
Julie from Massachusetts
Gary from Ohio
Marvin from Ohio
Anthony from Alabama
Beth from Michigan
Cliff from Pennsylvania
Karen from New Jersey
James from Florida
Mark from Arizona
Teresa from Minnesota
Kat from Michigan
Laurie from California
Shirley from Texas
Anna from New Jersey
Allison from Connecticut
Will from Wisconsin
Margaret from Alabama
Brinda from Idaho
Mark from New York
Donald from Texas
John from Wisconsin
Candice from Washington
Patricia from Georgia
Clare from Illinois
Anastasia from Maryland
Betty from Texas
Jovany from New York
Lucinda from California
Glenn from Arizona
John from Kentucky
Mary Ann from California
Dale from California
James from Colorado
Joseph from Georgia
L Chris from Texas
Tim from Virginia
Audra from Texas
Dwayne from Indiana
Jen from Colorado
Amanda from Pennsylvania
Christine from Ohio
James from Ohio
Phyllis from Indiana
Mary from Pennsylvania
Kimberly from Texas
Anne from Wisconsin
Carol from Florida
Michael from Florida
Casey from Oregon
Jennifer from Indiana
Herb from California
Dallas from New Mexico
Paul from Connecticut
Jeff from Kentucky
Kenneth from Louisiana
Tony from Illinois
Pat from Massachusetts
Alice from Iowa
Jacqueline from Pennsylvania
Danielle from New Hampshire
Julie from Michigan
Denise from Ohio
Nellie from Pennsylvania
Abigail from Indiana
Susan from Kansas
Steven from Massachusetts
Kathy from Ohio
Rita from New York
Rebecca from Utah
Cathy from North Carolina
Mike from Massachusetts
Erin from Alabama
Patricia from California
Rebecca from New Hampshire
Kimberly from Massachusetts
Robyn from California
Susan from Pennsylvania
Sandy from North Carolina
Jaimee from Washington
John from Idaho
Briana from Maryland
Carrianne from South Carolina
Jacob from Wyoming
Sheri from Colorado
Sherry from Washington
Paul from Virginia
Mary from Minnesota
Taylor from Utah
Jarrad from Michigan
Dithmar from Florida
Catherine from Massachusetts
Laura from Minnesota
Suan from New York
Dwayne from Pennsylvania
Ivana from Florida
Trace from Arizona
Linda from Washington
Roberta from New York
Raymond from Connecticut
Christopher from Connecticut
Lori from South Dakota
Brian from Illinois
Chelsea from Pennsylvania
Charles from West Virginia
Patrick from Iowa
Pat from New Jersey
John from Illinois
Marie from Ohio
Marlene from Virginia
Andrea from Ohio
Jay from Connecticut
Ellen from Florida
Kasey from Washington
Christine from Georgia
Jack from Minnesota
Cristina from Texas
Roanne from Pennsylvania
Brian from Connecticut
Colleen from Montana
Michael from South Carolina
Jenette from Michigan
Steve from Michigan
Amy from New York
Yvonne from California
Lay from Florida
Tera from New York
Penny from Wisconsin
Scott from Ohio
Leland from Nevada
Gaylon from Oregon
Darla from Pennsylvania
Kristina from Idaho
Ted from Missouri
Marlena from Tennessee
Annie from Florida
Sandra from Mississippi
Funky from California
Ruth from California
Rick from Wisconsin
Tessa from Arkansas
Gloria from South Carolina
Samuel from Wisconsin
Jennifer from Michigan
Sherri from Oklahoma
Laura from New Jersey
Renee from Washington
Elizabeth from Pennsylvania
Becky from Arizona
Ronald from Washington
Glenn from New York
Jennifer from Michigan
Madison from California
Jessica from Oregon
Joni from South Carolina
Jon from Colorado
David from North Carolina
Nicole from Colorado
Nancy from Illinois
Kylie from Florida
Jessica from Massachusetts
Holly from Alabama
Gregory from Florida
Rebecca from Illinois
Madeline from Ohio
Brandy from Kansas
Sandy from Florida
Laura from California
Karen from Maine
Anna from Pennsylvania
Kay from Oregon
Christine from Michigan
Liz from Maryland
John from Georgia
Dave from Pennsylvania
Sherry from Georgia
Rich from California
Katherine from Massachusetts
Heather from Louisiana
Nikki from Florida
Edgar from Florida
Hanna from Pennsylvania
Geraldine from Florida
Shirley from Mississippi
Lisa from Virginia
Kurt from Alabama
Karen from Michigan
Alexa from New Jersey
Edith from Washington
Suzann from Washington
Teresa from Utah
Karen from Pennsylvania
Mel from Rhode Island
Emily from Texas
Steven from Alabama
Gail from Georgia
Elly from Iowa
Michelle from California
Laura from Texas
Mary from Illinois
Jeremy from Virginia
Marlene from Wisconsin
Steve from California
Berkley from Rhode Island
Karen from Wisconsin
Russ from California
Virginia from Florida
John from Florida
Elissa from California
Shirley from Arizona
Gloria from Kentucky
Stephen from Michigan
Jeannette from Florida
Karen from Oregon
Ricki from Florida
Nanette from Utah
Justin from Texas
Kathy from Illinois
Matthew from Florida
Loretta from South Carolina
Toby from North Carolina
Betty from New Jersey
Greg from Florida
Sean from Pennsylvania
Linda from Michigan
Matthew from Utah
Peter from California
Heike from Florida
Virginia from Texas
Megan from New York
Hiroko from Michigan
Alan from Ohio
Linda from New Mexico
Sarah from Colorado
Micheal from North Carolina
Christina from Florida
John from Indiana
Drew from Tennessee
Eugene from Rhode Island
Brenda from Virginia
Michele from Ohio
Carole from North Dakota
Deb from Texas
Pharrah from Missouri
Robert from Illinois
Lisa from Ohio
Rhonda from Tennessee
Heather from New Hampshire
Tara from Pennsylvania
Shira from New York
Thomas from California
Dee from Illinois
Aimee from Washington
Sheryl from Pennsylvania
Chrissy from Iowa
Sandra from Florida
Morgan from New Jersey
Cathy from Minnesota
Sue from Iowa
Debbie from Arizona
Karen from Illinois
Barbara from North Carolina
Audrey from Florida
Katrina from New York
Joy from New Jersey
Athena from Michigan
Pamela from Tennessee
Laura from Oregon
Rebecca from Ohio
Jason from Georgia
Jeff from Illinois
Marian from Ohio
Kimberly from Virginia
Chris from Arizona
Michele from New York
Lisa from New York
Jun from Connecticut
Donald from Indiana
Larry from Kansas
Stacie from California
Melissa from Michigan
Pam from California
Crystal from Indiana
Petru from New Jersey
Lori from New Jersey
Gail from Georgia
Joey from Alabama
Chris from Connecticut
Edward from Virginia
Chad from Virginia
Robert from Massachusetts
Bill from West Virginia
Nikki from California
Cheryl from Tennessee
Debbie from Pennsylvania
Loren from Florida
Sherri from California
Tisha from California
Brian from Georgia
Cheryl from California
Nicole from Oregon
Clifford from New Jersey
Joseph from Pennsylvania
Richard from Michigan
Cynthia from Tennessee
Megan from Maryland
Mindy from Michigan
Lynn from Georgia
Valerie from Michigan
Melissa from Indiana
Lawanda from South Carolina
Rick from Kansas
Norm from Missouri
Tisha from Mississippi
Dorlisa from Arizona
Esmeralda from Texas
Donna from Indiana
Henry from California
Peggy from New York
Danny from Texas
Mary from Pennsylvania
Jenny from Illinois
Benjamin from Arizona
Shannon from Minnesota
Patricia from New Jersey
Linda from Indiana
Diana from New York
Tanica from Georgia
Evelyn from New Jersey
Joanna from Texas
Linda from Virginia
Laura from New York
Thomas from Wisconsin
Sheila from California
Abraham from Texas
Pauline from Florida
Sara from Illinois
Sandra from Washington
Russell from Texas
Marty from South Carolina
Harold from Iowa
Sandy from Maryland
Angela from South Carolina
Elizabeth from California
Brenda from Florida
Kendra from Ohio
Anna from New Jersey
Nicholas from California
Laura from North Carolina
Jodi from Iowa
Cathy from Georgia
Debbie from Pennsylvania
Michelle from Florida
Barbara from Vermont
Scott from Texas
Saja from Texas
Darlene from Wisconsin
Janice from Florida
Nancy from Utah
Francis from New Jersey
Mike from California
Sharyn from New Jersey
Michael from Ohio
Stephanie from Pennsylvania
Tabbitha from Oklahoma
Margaret from Virginia
Georgina from Maryland
Brenda from California
Chrysta from Indiana
Deb from Indiana
Samantha from Maine
Adelle from Pennsylvania
Jill from Pennsylvania
Lisa from Oklahoma
Anthony from Wyoming
Danneyi from Colorado
Janet from New York
Sharon from South Dakota
Sandra from North Carolina
Rene from Pennsylvania
Julianna from Kentucky
Heather from California
Millie from Texas
Rosemary from Rhode Island
Juliana from Washington
Glenn from California
Jessica from New Hampshire
Lucian from New York
Chris from North Carolina
Annette from Utah
Ta-Tanisha from Illinois
Joanne from North Carolina
Carroll from Maryland
Paddy from Colorado
Jason from Iowa
Ann from Utah
Thomas from Wisconsin
Chasity from Tennessee
Sylvia from Texas
Debra from Georgia
Rachel from West Virginia
Sharon from Texas
Gricela from Arizona
Audrey from New Jersey
Rhonda from Arkansas
Nicole from Virginia
Melinda from Tennessee
Linda from Missouri
Scott from California
Cynthia from Wisconsin
Brittany from Indiana
Skylar from Florida
Wendy from Idaho
Jeanne from Florida
Andrea from Washington
Julie from Nevada
Barbara from Michigan
Tom from New Jersey
Donna from Massachusetts
Nicole from New Jersey
Betty from South Carolina
Tracey from Texas
Jessica from Tennessee
Russell from Kansas
Jennifer from North Carolina
Danny from Mississippi
Martin from Connecticut
Delmarie from Wisconsin
Elizabeth from Pennsylvania
Geneva from Ohio
Carol from New York
Diana from North Carolina
Kimberly from Illinois
John from Ohio
Deanna from Pennsylvania
Vicki from Ohio
Donna from Pennsylvania
Chelsey from Missouri
Edward from California
Susan from Connecticut
Tami from Indiana
Tom from Ohio
Crystal from Pennsylvania
Lydia from Ohio
Kathleen from Indiana
Mark from Massachusetts
Katie from Kentucky
John from Florida
Elizabeth from Colorado
Suzy from New Jersey
Diane from Missouri
Sharon from Texas
Matthew from Illinois
Debra from New York
Connie from Alabama
Jennifer from Illinois
Brandi from Indiana
Noreen from New York
Jessica from Texas
Kasey from Ohio
Chris from Arizona
Barbara from North Carolina
John from Wisconsin
Laura from North Carolina
Jayne from Georgia
Lisa from Utah
Janet from Idaho
Beth from Ohio
Chanda from Georgia
Steve from Illinois
Aimee from South Carolina
Dawn from Pennsylvania
Christine from Florida
Dana from Michigan
Gina from Missouri
Mike from Connecticut
Janet from Ohio
Laurie from New York
Robin from Florida
Judy from Illinois
Carol from New York
Albert from New York
Cindy from Michigan
Kelly from Pennsylvania
Jennifer from Florida
Sharon from Missouri
Michael from Texas
Elizabeth from Florida
Kristen from New Hampshire
Johnny from New York
Aime from New Hampshire
Kimberly from Tennessee
James from Pennsylvania
Syedyaseen from Illinois
Jo-Ann from New York
Morris from Texas
Carmella from Missouri
Stephen from Florida
Mona from Texas
Robert from New York
Cynthia from Colorado
Carolyn from Mississippi
Patricia from Texas
Anh from California
Scott from Ohio
Jennifer from California
John from Texas
Angie from Missouri
Teresa from North Carolina
Edythe from Georgia
Jereld from Kentucky
Tamara from California
Melissa from Oregon
Travis from Tennessee
Phil from Idaho
Charlotte from Colorado
Debra from Michigan
Marlene from Texas
Pat from Minnesota
Melissa from Ohio
Robert from California
Ray from Georgia
Paul from Pennsylvania
Gabriel from Texas
Jack from Texas
Robert from Michigan
Catherine from West Virginia
Kathleen from Pennsylvania
Mae from California
C from California
Nicole from New York
Robyn from Oregon
Sharlene from Wisconsin
Lai from California
Kari from New York
Terry from Arizona
Michael from Washington
Sue from North Carolina
Judy from California
Justin from Oregon
Jennifer from Kentucky
Thomas from Kentucky
Melissa from Virginia
April from Michigan
Brenda from Texas
Roger from Kentucky
Julie from North Dakota
Janice from Texas
Gabrielle from Virginia
Lawrence from Texas
Debra from Michigan
Jodi from Missouri
Bonnie from Georgia
Greg from Minnesota
Brian from Maine
Leland from Virginia
Irina from Massachusetts
Michael from Florida
Joseph from Mississippi
Trisha from New Mexico
Warren from Florida
Maryann from South Carolina
Mary from Maine
Connie from Virginia
Timothy from Ohio
Anthony from Washington
Marissa from Ohio
Judy from Florida
Michele from Pennsylvania
Cindy from Florida
Betty from Alabama
Jill from Pennsylvania
Lesley from Iowa
Patrick from Missouri
Steven from New York
Jessica from New York
Crystal from Colorado
Trevor from Alaska
Yvonne from New Jersey
Stanley from Alabama
Donald from Oklahoma
Jody from Kentucky
Holly from Florida
Roy from New Jersey
Richard from Pennsylvania
Merri from Texas
Kristen from New York
Louise from Virginia
Jeff from Texas
Gwen from Ohio
Dustin from Texas
Jody from Kentucky
Rachel from Maryland
Fay from Arizona
Laura from New York
Bita from California
Glenda from Georgia
Vergie from Mississippi
Orsola from Florida
Amy from Wisconsin
Alison from South Dakota
Kathryn from Tennessee
Teresa from Ohio
Michael from Maryland
Sarah from New Hampshire
Elise from Washington
Tonya from North Carolina
Taylor from Alabama
Anna from Washington
Kathy from Connecticut
Anne Marie from New York
Deb from Minnesota
Jamie from Arkansas
Stevie from Ohio
Steve from Ohio
Randall from Nebraska
Nancy from Florida
Connie from Georgia
Pat from Arizona
Rose from Missouri
Shelia from Tennessee
Mary from Florida
Spencer from Nebraska
Marisa from Massachusetts
Debbie from Kentucky
Jodi from Ohio
Dennis from California
Taryn from Pennsylvania
Barbara from California
James from Oklahoma
Adele from Florida
Christopher from Massachusetts
Kristen from California
Katie from Tennessee
Linda from Michigan
Maureen from California
Dolores from Illinois
Michelle from Ohio
David from North Carolina
Lenville from Florida
Duane from Pennsylvania
Dave from Pennsylvania
Pat from Pennsylvania
Justin from Texas
Kayla from Montana
Janet from Wisconsin
David from California
Daniel from Georgia
Peter from Florida
Michael from New York
Alison from New York
Jill from Wisconsin
Kathy from New York
Carole from California
Aura from California
Michael from Arkansas
Karla from Tennessee
Will from Pennsylvania
Chris from Texas
Stephen from New York
Meghan from Washington
Joyce from Florida
Connie from Minnesota
Kayla from Illinois
Veronica from Utah
Kim from Illinois
Kelli from Michigan
Patrick from New York
Tracey from Wisconsin
Daria from Pennsylvania
Nicole from Illinois
Sharon from Connecticut
Kim from Michigan
Rachael from Virginia
Samuel from California
Stephen from Ohio
Sheryl from Texas
Jami from California
Taylor from Iowa
Larry from California
Kay from Texas
Ruth from Indiana
Gina from Florida
Dana from Ohio
Mel from California
Jenna from Georgia
Patric from Florida
Rury from Arizona
Keith from Washington
Tara from Maryland
Melissa from Indiana
Carrie from Michigan
Nadra from Arkansas
Helene from Virginia
Georgia from Pennsylvania
Mary from New York
Kassey from Illinois
Joshua from Ohio
Michelle from Florida
Kyle from Florida
Ellie from Oklahoma
Randy from Maryland
Tammy from Texas
Kathleen from Georgia
John from New York
Larry from Washington
Tina from Alabama
Joan from Missouri
Michelle from Wisconsin
Greg from New Jersey
John from Missouri
Ken from Iowa
Elizabeth from New York
Daniel from California
Dana from Pennsylvania
Len from Illinois
Michelle from Massachusetts
James from Massachusetts
Thomas from Ohio
Marissa from California
Annette from New Jersey
Carol from Maryland
Cheri from Kentucky
Sheila from Kentucky
Christina from Louisiana
Karen from Iowa
Lynn from California
Cristy from Kansas
Lynn from Georgia
Erika from Pennsylvania
Marlene from Connecticut
Andrea from North Carolina
Patricia from Washington
Beth from Minnesota
Mel from Colorado
Krystal from Ohio
Jim from Mississippi
Robert from Florida
David from Texas
Laura from Texas
Cristiana from New Jersey
Tammy from New York
Gerry from Massachusetts
Bill from Ohio
Gail from Texas
Michael from New Jersey
Margaret from Illinois
Sara from California
Sophie from Texas
Raquel from Texas
Krystal from Maine
Willard from North Carolina
Daniel from South Carolina
Audrey from Wisconsin
Lisa from Pennsylvania
Chad from Missouri
Scott from Florida
William from Massachusetts
Shannon from Oklahoma
Carolyn from Pennsylvania
Sandra from Alabama
Vicki from Ohio
Eileen from Illinois
Becky from New Mexico
Carol from New York
Chris from California
Ilona from Massachusetts
Lorri from California
Gerald from New York
Terry from Minnesota
Laura from California
Stephen from Maryland
Kelly from Ohio
Mike from Tennessee
Terry from Ohio
April from Washington
Angie from Wisconsin
Leslie from New York
Liz from Pennsylvania
Paul from Texas
Karla from Tennessee
Blanca from North Carolina
Kelly from Florida
Larissa from Maryland
Norm from New Jersey
Spencer from New York
Donna from Florida
Cathy from Massachusetts
Shelby from Ohio
Melissa from Pennsylvania
Howard from Missouri
Tuan from Oklahoma
Frankie from Alabama
William from New York
Megon from Pennsylvania
Edwinna from California
Jennifer from North Carolina
Alicia from Kansas
Curtis from Minnesota
Tina from California
Karen from Connecticut
Joan from New Jersey
Mike from Illinois
Jordan from Michigan
Mary from South Carolina
Arnie from Massachusetts
Renee from Texas
Mark from Indiana
Ardie from Michigan
Amy from Florida
Dari from Alabama
Kimberly from Montana
Allison from New Hampshire
Megan from Washington
Barbara from Missouri
Yuka from Utah
David from Colorado
Jason from New Hampshire
Stacie from Michigan
Taylor from North Carolina
Deborah from Florida
Tama from Pennsylvania
Joanne from Wisconsin
Kelly from North Carolina
Donna from New York
Michael from Indiana
Cindy from Texas
Daniela from Florida
Beverley from Virginia
Tracy from Dist. of Columbia
Kathleen from Florida
Kerry from Kentucky
Ryan from Delaware
Kelly from Florida
Judith from Ohio
Susan from Florida
Larry from South Dakota
Beth from Michigan
Beth from Washington
Latanya from South Carolina
Lisette from Florida
Donya from Ohio
Rachel from Georgia
Kevin from Ohio
Donna from Pennsylvania
Diana from Delaware
Sarah from Tennessee
Kim from Michigan
Julie from Idaho
Clark from California
Margie from Maine
Arleen from Wisconsin
John from California
Megan from Pennsylvania
Mary from California
Candace from Delaware
Tiara from Arizona
Mark from Kansas
Kim from Florida
William from South Carolina
Katie from California
Kathy from New York
Ruth from Maryland
Janice from North Carolina
Shirley from Arizona
Dede from Arkansas
Monica from Ohio
Margie from Indiana
Jacqueline from Florida
Evan from Florida
Patricia from North Carolina
Gregory from Ohio
Wendy from New York
Sue from Wisconsin
Virginia from California
Maria from California
Blair from Pennsylvania
Dan from Illinois
Gloria from Louisiana
Shannon from Washington
Stacey from Pennsylvania
Kara from Missouri
Jolene from Michigan
Cheryl from Michigan
Marjorie from Ohio
Claude from South Carolina
Kathy from Vermont
Ken from Washington
Lynn from Wisconsin
Debbie from Massachusetts
Brenna from Michigan
Alison from Tennessee
Adah from Oregon
Traci from New York
Jennie from California
Stephanie from Georgia
Melanie from Florida
Julia from Connecticut
Walter from Virginia
Blake from South Dakota
Leisha from Kansas
Linda from Texas
Susan from Pennsylvania
Cinthia from Arizona
Alicia from Iowa
Sandra from Tennessee
Jannifer from North Carolina
Erik from California
Rossielee from North Carolina
Joey from Mississippi
Reba from Alaska
Krystal from Texas
Wm. from Texas
Chuck from Tennessee
Carol from Missouri
Mary from California
Judi from Massachusetts
Stephanie from Oklahoma
Alice from Florida
Kimberly from New Hampshire
Wade from Ohio
David from New York
Eileen from Illinois
Luana from Texas
Christine from Arkansas
Janet from New Jersey
Rebecca from Virginia
Rose from Pennsylvania
Monica from Maryland
Eliza from Connecticut
Amy from Illinois
Amber from Ohio
Kay from West Virginia
Brandy from New Jersey
Jim from Georgia
Zoey from California
Kathie from Pennsylvania
Phyllis from Pennsylvania
Peggy from New York
Rayna from Rhode Island
Rosemary from Illinois
Karen from West Virginia
Felicia from Texas
Nicole from Louisiana


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all other U.S. territories and possessions outside of the U.S. and where otherwise prohibited by law), 18 years and older. Additional eligibility restrictions and terms apply. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes begins on 3/25/19 and ends on 6/2/19. Prizes: 1 Grand Prize (playground set, outdoor furniture, and organic lawn care for a year - (ARV $14,099), 10 Secondary Prizes (52-week supply of multipack Stonyfield® yogurt) – ARV $467.48), 100 Third Prizes (Play Free Box – ARV $75.22), and 1000 Fourth Prizes (1 year subscription to Naturally, Danny Seo - ARV $23.97). Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries.For Official Rules, method of entry, description of prizes, and details, visit: Stonyfield Farm, Inc., 10 Burton Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053.