Why we’re organic

Look for the seal

Everything we make isn’t just delicious, it’s also made with certified organic ingredients. In a world full of choices, organic makes things simple because it’s always made without the use of artificial hormones, toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs.

It’s the certification that counts, since just calling something natural isn’t any guarantee.

What kind of cow are you?

Organic yogurt isn’t just good for you – it’s good for cows! Take the quiz to find out what kind of cow you’d be if you were lucky enough to live on an organic farm.


Learn why parents choose organic

Choosing organic food for my family hasn’t always been easy. But knowing how important it is for my kids inspires me to constantly find new ways...


"I want GMOs in my feed" - Said no cow ever!

Did you know that organic is always non-GMO? We eat what they eat, that’s why organic dairy farmers don’t use GMO feed.