Voting Is Good For Your Health

“It isn’t enough to just produce and sell organic products. The theft of our children’s futures runs counter to everything we stand for. It is time for us all to speak out.”

-Gary Hirshberg, Co-Founder and Chief Organic Optimist


Stonyfield Organic is Good on Purpose. That means we’re big on organic yogurt for more reasons than that it tastes good. The way we approach food supports many hundreds of organic family farmers who manage millions of acres in ways that nurture the planet: free of toxic persistent pesticides, sustainable, and carbon-conscious.

Good on Purpose also means we’re big on voting. At Stonyfield we view the supermarket as a voting booth for our approach. And we work hard every day to earn consumers’ votes! But no matter how much organic yogurt we produce and sell, our children’s health and futures will be in jeopardy if we do not continue the fight against climate change.


Getting out the vote this year could not be more urgent. We must keep climate change from being sidelined as an issue. The evidence of what is to come is pouring in from all over the world: fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes, and more. At the same time, the EPA, the very agency that is charged with protecting the public’s health, is being gutted. Laws that protect us from toxic persistent pesticides, smokestack pollution, and contaminated drinking water are being rolled back.

Voting is all about the future. At Stonyfield, we believe the future is a greener and healthier world, and we’ve worked hard for this vision for nearly 40 years. There are so many reasons to vote, but the most important is to build a better world for our children. What we do today affects them for the rest of their lives and their children’s lives.

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Voted? Tell the world with "I Voted" downloadables

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