Visitors Center at Stonyfield

If you’re a long-time fan or neighbor of Stonyfield, you’ll recall that once upon a time, we used to give tours of our Yogurt Works production facility here in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Our unique, green-designed building is still a point of pride for us, but many years ago, we had to stop giving tours when our business grew, and the paths you could once walk along were needed to make room for more yogurt-making!

Despite not giving tours anymore, we kept our Visitor’s Center open so we could still welcome visitors to the Yogurt Works, share information about organic and how our yogurt is made, and sell products and fun Stonyfield gifts and gear. But, after serving the local community for almost 25 years, the Stonyfield Visitor’s Center will be permanently closing on August 28th.

The area that currently houses the Visitor Center will provide us with much needed work and meeting space as we hire new employees and merge our two offices into one location. While we’re sad to say goodbye to the loyal customers we saw here regularly, we’re excited about our growing company, and the prospect of having all of our employees working under one roof. And, we’re gearing up for even more fun community initiatives in our region, so we can make connections with more neighbors and new friends than ever before.

Our Visitor’s Center staff, and all of us, would like to thank our local fans and customers for your continued support over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone out in the community for years to come as we continue on our mission of providing healthy, organic food to all of you. If you need help finding Stonyfield products in your local area, please go to our store locator.