People Playing Soccer Outside

If you haven’t heard yet - we are taking on our BIGGEST MISSION ever: Making every field in America ORGANIC by stopping the use of harmful pesticides on youth playing fields and public parks! This back to school season, we will be taking this mission one step further - by increasing our original financial commitment of $500,000 to help communities start grassroots (no pun intended - well maybe a little bit) efforts to create change.

With the purchase of ANY Stonyfield Kids or YoBaby Multipack* a contribution will be made, up to $50,000, to help even more communities transitioning to organic field maintenance.

Child Playing in a Field

Over 26MM kids play sports on public grounds each year.  Did you also know that every year, a chemical cocktail of pesticides is sprayed on a majority of these fields – just to make the grass greener & free of weeds? Yup - It’s a lot to take in...we know...especially given the news of the recent Dewayne Johnson vs Monsanto court ruling.

We don’t think our kids should be exposed to these chemicals - frankly we don’t think anyone should be exposed to them. We want everyone to have safe playing fields & parks free of harmful pesticides just as much as we want everyone to have clean and organic food. We need to protect ourselves & our environment from these toxic chemicals - and we need get loud about it.

SO what can you do to help? Good question! You can do SO MUCH. Find out your community’s pesticide use policy on public fields and grounds by contacting your local officials. You may be surprised what you find out. You can also search your community online to see if there are any groups formed to help take-on the initiative to make the change. These groups are commonly found on Facebook or even through your local PTO.  You can also transition your own yard or garden to organic maintenance with these helpful tips (ps it’s super easy)!  One small step to helping communities nationwide today, is to buy a Stonyfield Kids or Stonyfield YoBaby Multipack!

We believe that we can do this! So welcome to the movement - we appreciate the support and enthusiasm as we bring communities together for a cause that will help all of us. Keep reading more at  

Join us to #PlayFree

* From 8/19 to 9/01/18, Stonyfield Organic will contribute $.05 for each Kids and YoBaby Multipack - Cups 4oz 6-Pk, Tubes 2oz 8 & 16-Pk, Drinks 3.1oz 6 & 12-Pk and Pouches 3.5oz 4-Pk. $50,000 will be based on IRI MULO data.