You have a right to know what's in your food!

Every now and then a story emerges about Stonyfield, our co-founder Gary Hirshberg, and the strength of our commitment to the organic mission and all it stands for – including the importance of labeling foods produced with GMOs. Just such a story recently came out that was so untrue, we wanted to make sure to set the record straight for anyone who might believe that we would ever waver from our historic leadership in this cause.

As a company, we’ve always supported GMO labeling at both the state and national levels. Our parent company, Danone, supports our activism. But most important, our co-founder, Gary Hirshberg isn’t just a supporter, he’s a passionate leader, not just for GMO labeling, but for the importance and growth of safe, organic foods for everyone.

And we’re not alone. Leah Segedie, founder of Mamavation and ShiftCon, recently partnered with Gary to begin educating mom bloggers about the importance of GMO labeling. She shared that, “Moms love Gary because he’s compassionate and committed to labeling GMOs and looking out for the health and welfare of all families.”

Gary gives over 100 speeches every year across the country on why GMO labeling is needed, and he works nearly full time on the issue. In fact, part of his purpose in stepping down as CE-Yo of Stonyfield was to commit more time to this critically important cause. And, he and his wife have personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to state and federal efforts in support of mandatory labeling.

Well known food activist MaxGoldberg of Living Maxwell also recently had this to say, “There are few, if any, people in this country who spend more time lobbying and fighting for GMO labeling than Gary Hirshberg.”

Why someone would make up a completely false story like this (or any of the others we’ve seen in the past) is a mystery to us, but you can rest assured that Stonyfield and Gary are unbending in our commitment to ensuring everyone’s right to know what’s in our food.

As always, we appreciate hearing from passionate food activists, especially when we’re given the chance to reinforce that we’re with you in this fight.