Greek Yogurt Key Lime Pie

By Liza Hawkins of (a)Musing Foodie

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and every year around this time I think the same thing: What full-time working parent has time for all the fuss?

Make no mistake, this foodie enjoys eating out more than just about anyone, but with two kids, a busy work-week and Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday (or any other day during the week), it’s just not gonna happen.

My oldest was born on Feb. 7, 2005, which pretty much set the tone for subsequent Valentine’s Day celebrations out on the town (or lack there-of). Trying to get dolled up for a reservation at a fancy restaurant when you’re only one week post-partum and uber-focused on a screaming, non-sleeping newborn? Yeah. No way.

That was the first year that my husband and I decided we’d just celebrate at home instead attempting to go out. From then on, we had Valentine’s dinner from the comfort of our dining room once the kids were in bed (ah…the quiet), and made sure to prepare something more creative than the usual fare. One year I seared scallops and another year I steamed fresh whole lobsters. We’ve had beautiful filets and crab imperial. Mmmm….

Valentine’s Day also gives me the excuse to make extra special desserts that we’d otherwise not bother with!

Here are three favorite Valentine’s goodies that feature Greek yogurt as a twist – some simple and classic, others more decadent and rich. All delicious! I see chocolate cupcakes in our future this year….

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like CHOCOLATE. In my recipe for mini chocolate cupcakes, Stonyfield Greek vanilla yogurt is used in place of the buttermilk and vanilla extract that the traditional cake calls for. Just a splash of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee adds a subtle-yet-deep, nutty flavor to the background. The result is moist, rich chocolate cake in perfect bite-sized morsels. If you want to get really crazy, dip them in a dark chocolate ganache or use them with fondue!

Key Lime Pie

This wonderfully tart Key Lime Pie recipe is a favorite in our house, no matter what season. I normally make the topping with sour cream; however, I recently substituted Stonyfield Greek plain yogurt as the topping for mini Key Lime pie tartlettes and the result was nothing short of fabulous! Not everyone loves chocolate all the time – this should be your go-to Valentine’s Day alternative.

Chocolate and Chili Frozen Yogurt

If you’re looking to get a little wild in the flavor department, then check out this recipe for Chocolate and Chili Frozen Yogurt over at the blog A Brown Table. Besides drooling over Nik’s great photography, you’ll also want to dig into a fro-yo that promises to be both sweet and smoky, with the added delight of being chilled. Yum!

Happy Valentine’s Day!