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Happy birthday to us !

In 1983 Stonyfield began as a farming school in Wilton, NH that taught and supported sustainable farming practices. We were on a mission to make the planet healthier even before we were making yogurt! Today, we make it our mission to work toward health in all we do. Over these 28 years we have grown and changed, but Stonyfield’s mission remains the same. We continue our commitment to healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet, and healthy business. We thank all of you supporting us over the years and we look forward to the next 28 birthdays to come!

Stonyfield team


How has your commitment to health grown and changed over the years?

Share your story below and as a thank you for keeping us going all these 28 years, 28 story entrants will win free yogurt and great Stonyfield prizes!

– First 10 winners get 1 Stonyfield T-Shirt and a free coupon for 6 oz. cup of Stonyfield
– Next 10 winners get 1 Stonyfield reusable bag and a free coupon for 6 oz. cup of Stonyfield
– Last 8 winners get 1 Stonyfield branded Preserve reusable food container and a free coupon for 6 oz. cup of Stonyfield

Post your comment any time between Monday 4/11 and Friday 4/15 at 9 a.m. We’ll randomly select 28 winners and notify you by email.

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