Exercise: You gotta love it. My favorite form of exercise is walking. As a Stonyfielder, I am very familiar with our office grounds from strolling around the building during my breaks. Now, you’d think taking the same walk every day around the same building would get boring. Even I sometimes sigh on my way out the door. How exciting can the same view every single day be? But almost every day, I see something new.

Some days are more entertaining than others. Take today, for instance. There I was, rounding the corner of the building and approaching the front door, when I happened upon some of the local wildlife: A group of three wild turkeys that, on first sight, looked for all the world like they were trying to let themselves into the building. They were standing in a group, as turkeys like to do, in a nice, tight formation, looking businesslike and official; the one in front would step forward, rap on the door several times with his beak, and then step back and wait. They looked like they expected someone to let them in.

I watched for awhile. What was this? Did the turkeys want yogurt? Were they here to request some sort of turkey-friendly yogurt flavor? Did they just want to come in out of the cold? Was this some attempt to seek sanctuary from the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Trick-or-Treat?


None of the above! It was much more turkey-like. As it happened, they could see themselves in the reflection of the door and were convinced that there were… More Turkeys. Not just any turkeys, either – these were clearly turkeys from out of town that needed to be shown who was boss. Wild turkeys are normally pretty shy of people, but not these guys: They were focused! The turkey in charge, the one rapping on the door, was busily trying to show down his mirror image. He wasn’t the slightest bit interested in me (and I’m sure he wouldn’t even have been interested in a yogurt offering, if someone had made one). He was not about to back down first, especially not with his friends there to watch him win or lose.

I wanted to stay until a victor emerged, but turkeys have a remarkably long attention span. Eventually I had to stop watching and go back inside, but I’m sure that The Great Stonyfield Turkey Showdown was one for the record books and it was much more entertaining sight than anything our treadmill had to offer. Check out the great outdoors! You never know what you’re going to see when you go outside… even if you don’t go far, a turkey could be right around the corner, just waiting to make you giggle.