5 Lives of your kids lunchboxes

If you are anything like me, you probably have a few lunchboxes lying around. Need an animal lunchbox? I got it! Need a princess lunchbox? I have that, too! Kids will outgrow their lunchboxes or find a new favorite thing – my daughter is really into superheroes and mermaids right now. When we do Back To School shopping, we will probably end up with a new lunchbox. Every time I see all those old lunchboxes, I hear my grandmother telling me the old adage, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” With that in mind, here are 5 ways to reuse those lunchboxes!

  1. Does your child have allergies? My daughter is allergic to all nuts and needs to have an Epi-Pen with her at all times. I like to have it in an easily accessible place and container with the other allergy medication, especially for babysitters and/or grandparents. It you use an old lunchbox, you can fit everything you need, including an alert sticker or note for dosage and emergency numbers. It’s great because it’s portable for trips to the grandparents, play dates, or even for school.
  1. Always forgetting your sunscreen? When the morning rush for school or afterschool soccer is on, I am always forgetting about sunscreen. You can pack a small towel, your favorite sunscreen, band-aids, and wipes in a larger lunchbox for a spill-proof and convenient tote that you can throw in to a soccer bag, the car, or a backpack.
  1. My daughter always wants to take her toys to play dates – she usually has a pocketful or fistfuls of toys and trinkets. Throw it in a smaller sized lunchbox and it’s ready for playtime, keeps it organized, and she doesn’t lose anything! It’s also great to throw in her backpack for those after school play dates and it limits the amount of toys she’s taking (because she would take EVERYTHING!).
  1. Keep all your cords, spare battery packs, mobile devices, and tablets in one place by using a lunchbox. It’s the perfect size for e-readers and it helps to corral the cables and chargers. It’s also great for travel. I also love that fact that it’s reusable, sturdier than the plastic bag I usually use, and unique.
  1. Another great way to reuse a lunchbox is to turn it into a toiletry kit. It’s the perfect size and can fit whatever you or your child may need for a long weekend, overnight, or that first sleepover. It also usually has a convenient handle to hang the bag on a hook.

I also like to leave an old lunchbox that has non-perishable snacks in the car for emergencies and to keep everyone from getting hangry!

And sometimes, there are days where I will pack my lunch in one of our old lunchboxes. It’s a great way to add a little fun into your day – who wouldn’t love opening up a smiling bumblebee lunchbox?