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Yummy ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers

For the record, I love a good day after Turkey Day sandwich as much as the next guy. But with so many great leftovers on hand, I was certain there had to be more creative options for the remains of our Thanksgiving feast – especially for the little ones.

That’s why we asked a few food bloggers from The Stonyfield Clean Plate Club to share their kid-friendly recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers – all with YoBaby and YoToddler yogurt. You’re not going to believe the delicious ideas they came up with.


Cramberry Smoothie Try this smoothie for post-Thanksgiving breakfast!

Southwestern Sweet Potato Balls with Yogurt Crema from Spice’s Bites (pictured above)

Add a little zest to your leftover sweet potato side dish with spices, cheese and panko crumbs. These sweet potato balls are deliciously dip-able, and, Farihah from Spice’s Bites says the recipe is “easy enough that little kids can help out as well.”

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Orange Cranberry Breakfast Smoothie from The Lemon Bowl (pictured left)

Homemade cranberry sauce is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. And this smoothie recipe using leftover cranberries is so delicious looking, I’m not sure I’d be willing to share it with my little guy. After a long day of cooking on Thanksgiving, it’s a perfectly simple way to start the next day.

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What’s your most creative way to use Thanksgiving leftovers?