Rachel Steffen of Running Rachel is always on the go, whether it’s with her family or in a pair of running shoes. As a mother and a runner Rachel shares the fun, the tricky and the true meaning of the word balance on her blog.

1. How did you first get into running?
I have always loved running. I was one of those active children who was often encouraged by my parents to go run around the house and property to get rid of my excess wiggles. Running has always been fun for me. Racing was a different story and was not my favorite thing to do… but I knew that I needed to race to challenge myself to run faster and further – to get uncomfortable. Honestly, it wasn’t until after I had children (rather until I was finished having children) that I really got into racing more often and the further distances. Perhaps it was because it was my only time away… and I needed those miles on my feet to regroup and find me again.

2. What does being a mother and a runner mean to you?
Being a mother and a runner means strength and balance. As a mother runner, I must find time to balance my parenting role as well as my passion for running. Sometimes I am able to do this solo… but the majority of the time (for me) I am running with my boys. As a mom, I am my son’s first female role model. I want to make sure they can see women in a positive and STRONG light. That even though I am their mom… I can still race them on the playground… and for now win. Sometimes.

3. Do you have a favorite running moment?
I don’t have any particular favorite moment from a race or run that comes to mind. Even though I shared above that racing isn’t my favorite thing, I do love meeting and chatting with people along the race course. I love hearing people’s stories, getting to know them in the middle of miles 18-22. We are a running family. We are all a bit crazy and I love that we have that commonality.

4. What is your favorite Stonyfield product?
My favorite Stonyfield product is the Petite Crème Viva La Vanilla. Yum.

5. What will you never run without?
In order for a great workout to happen, I must have a supportive sports bra and supportive running shoes. If I have those two items I am one happy mother runner. I also love my polar heart rate monitor (RC3 GPS) to keep me on track with my running goals and training.

6. What does an average day look like for you?
I am a homeschooling mom to my three boys, so an average day in my household looks like a zoo with three wild monkeys on the loose. No really. It does. Each day is different but for the most part these things happen (not necessarily in any particular order): COFFEE! Breakfast. Devotional. First lesson with the boys. Second breakfast. Chores. Lessons with the boys. Third breakfast. Chores (clean up all the food bits and tackle mount laundry). More lessons. More playing. Fit in a workout/run in the mix between lessons and chores. LUNCH. Finish lessons for the day. More feeding the hungry monkeys. Find time to write/blog if time allows. Outdoor play (if weather allows). Feed the hungry monkeys. Dinner. Bath. Brush. Books. Monkeys in bed. Mommy & Daddy crash on the couch.