Laura from Mommy Run Fast is all about living a healthy, strong life for her family. Laura and her husband try to be good eating models for their children by showing them what real food is. She balances family life, work life, staying fit and documenting this pursuit on her blog almost every day.

1. How did you first get into running?

I started running in college as an easy way to get in a little exercise. A few friends and I decided to train for a half marathon (at that point, we had never done more than 3 miles.) But after that training cycle and race, I was hooked!


2. Whatdoes being a mother and a runner mean to you?

Oh wow, good question. It means modeling passion and commitment to my daughters. Modeling healthy ways of living and appreciating what our bodies can do. Modeling strength and perseverance at races.

It means finding a balance of motherhood that allows for me to do the things I enjoy and am energized by, so that I can be a more attentive, patient and giving parent.

3. Does your family have a favorite healthy activity to do together?

We like to teach our girls about real food and where it comes from, so we often go to u-pick farms (apple picking in the fall, berries in the spring and summer) and involve them in our small garden. We also spend a lot of time in the kitchen together cooking (or dancing and singing!)

4. What’s your favorite Stonyfield product?

 I’m pretty boring. I prefer Stonyfield’s Smooth anPost-ten-mile-race-224x300d Creamy Plain Yogurt over any flavor. We use it for everything- making our own yogurt parfaits or for topping savory dishes like chicken curry or spicy black beans.

 5. Do you have a running partner? Or do you run better solo?

 I had an amazing running partner before we moved a year ago and loved it! Now I do most of my runs solo but meet up with a running group on Saturdays when I can. I really like a mix of both.

 6. What is the best advice you could give someone new to running?

Ease in slowly. Get fitted for good shoes at a running store rather than choosing the prettiest pair (totally guilty of this newbie mistake!) Celebrate each new milestone. Know that the first mile is hard- even when you’ve been running for years. Have fun!!