Angela Bekkala of Happy Fit Mama is constantly running, mostly after her two twin children, but also out on the road to build her confidence as a runner. This charismatic mama lives near the Boston Marathon line in New Hampshire with her family where they run, walk, laugh and play together.

1. How did you first get into running?

I started running in high school as a way to stay in shape. I hated every single step! Through the years, I ran occasionally, nothing more than 2-3 miles at a time. When I was 29, I decided that I wanted to run a half marathon before I turned 30. So I started following a plan and got hooked. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment from starting what seemed like a daunting task and eventually, finishing it. It also made me feel more confident in who I was as a person.

2. What does being a mother and a runner mean to you?

I think the two have a lot in common. They both are not easy tasks and are definitely not for sissies! Being a mother who is also a runner, I’ve found that I’m more patient, confident, and balanced mentally. I’m healthy, happy, and sane after a run, which makes me a bet­ter mother, wife, coworker, friend, every­thing. The great mother runner, Joan Benoit Samuelson once said “Just like I hope to be a mother the rest of my life, I hope to be a runner the rest of my life.” I couldn’t agree more!

3. Do you have a favorite moment from a race, or a morning run?

One of my favorite moments in any race, is when I get to see my #1 fans, my family. Just seeing their smiling faces, even if it’s for 5 seconds, recharges my batteries so I can power through the next section of the race. Another favorite moment is anytime I see a gorgeous sunrise. It never gets old.

4. What’s your favorite Stonyfield product?

My favorite Stonyfield product is the plain low fat yogurt. It’s so versatile for adding your own fruit and toppings, making smoothies or in recipes. BUT the Stonyfield Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt is pretty darn fantastic too!

5. Is there something you can’t run without?

As practical as it sounds, I can’t run without a good sports bra! That and my Garmin. I really like having all the numbers for feedback.

6. What does an average day in your household look like?

An average day in my house involves me waking at zero dark thirty to run or workout before the rest of the house wakes up. By the time I get home, my husband is making breakfast for the kids and on his way out the door to work. Then it’s a mad rush of getting the kids and me ready for work and school. As evening rolls around, we repeat the mad rush of dinner, baths, bedtime stories and then the hubs and I hanging out, decompressing from the day.

7. What’s the best advice someone has given you about running?

Run your own race – don’t compare yourself to others. You are your own person with your own unique talents. Always remember that!