Magical Kids Yogurt RecipesMoms know that when their kids are eating right, staying active and having fun, they feel great and can be at their best. Maintaining this type of healthy lifestyle for the family may sound daunting but there’s magic in discovering how simple it can be. That’s why Stonyfield YoKids, the presenting sponsor of Disney On Ice, is proud to team up with Disney Magic of Healthy Living. Making organic and yummy snacking choices easy for busy families is what Stonyfield does best – so it only makes sense to join forces with a program that inspires both children and adults to find simple, fun and engaging ways to stay healthy.


4 Ideas for Your Healthy Family New Year’s Resolutions

This year, don’t go it alone. Instead of making a list just for yourself and pledging to get fit or make better financial decisions, create a set of New Year’s Resolutions your whole family can commit to together. Stonyfield YoKids teamed up with Disney Magic of Healthy Living and Disney On Ice to share 4 easy ways for your whole family to have a healthier New Year.

Resolution #1: Pick a family activity for every season. Find a local ice skating rink or pond in the winter, pool or lake in the summer for swimming, and walking trails for the spring and fall to make seasonal outings healthy and fun.

Resolution #2: Family dinners hard to schedule in? Try family breakfast! Stonyfield makes yogurts for babies, kids and adults, so everyone can have something they enjoy – and breakfast can be even more fun with individualized mix-ins like the ones in this Strawbana Strawbana YoKids Yogurt Tower.

Resolution #3: Save everyone’s pennies for something special. Let your kids feel like they have a stake in the family’s fun by choosing a family game or activity that you would all enjoy (like a trip to a Disney On Ice show!), or find a charity you all believe in and set a financial goal around it. Put out a change jar in the kitchen for everyone to pitch into. Even pennies found in couch cushions can count for contributions, or give your kids chances to earn dollars just for the special family cause.

Resolution #4: Share the dinner planning duties. This resolution takes some pressure off the parents, gives the kids some household responsibility (and pride!), and can help make sure everyone eats a nutritious dinner at least a few times a week. Print out the USDA’s My Plate as a guide and assign one night a week (or month – whatever works for your family) for each family member to get a chance to plan the family’s nightly meal. Looking for recipe ideas? Try some of these featuring the Magic of Healthy Living Mickey Check or find a few to try at


Try this! Strawbana Strawbana YoKids Yogurt Tower

1 4-oz cup Stonyfield YoKids Strawberry Banana Lowfat Yogurt

½ banana

2 strawberries

¼ cup granola


In a glass, layer granola, banana, yogurt, and strawberries and repeat until all ingredients are used. Spoon up and enjoy!