The Latest In Stonyfield's GMO Labeling Support

UPDATE: December 2014
Our vocal and financial support for GMO labeling continues! We donated $5,000 to the state GMO labeling campaigns in Colorado and $10,000 to Oregon. This is in addition to the $5,000 we donated last month to the Food Fight Fund to defend the GMO labeling law in Vermont.

Additionally, several months after we made our opposition to the IDFA’s support of the Vermont GMO labeling law clear, they still haven’t withdrawn from the suit. As a result, we’ve withdrawn our membership from the organization.

ORIGINAL POST: July 25, 2014

As an organic company, GMOs aren’t allowed in our products. So, it would have been easy for us just to say, “We don’t use GMOs” and leave shoppers to fend for themselves everywhere else in the grocery store. But a few years ago, we made a commitment. We believe that everyone deserves the right to know what’s in their food, and we – led by our co-founder Gary Hirshberg – helped to found Just Label It, the national movement to require mandatory federal labeling of all products produced with GMO ingredients. Gary continues to lead that organization today.

As the fight has swept the country, our commitment has grown. And we’ve continued to be at the forefront supporting statewide GMO labeling laws and highlighting the issue wherever we can – in Congress, at events, on social media, even on our yogurt cups themselves.

Right now, there’s a very big battle being waged in Vermont, where a GMO labeling law was recently passed, and then challenged by corporate interests. We want to assure you, our fans, and our fellow activists for GMO labeling, that we’re in it – and we’re in it on the right side.

We fought hard for that bill’s passage, lobbying legislators, senators and the Governor. And we were one of the first companies to step forward and invest in defending the new labeling law when it came under attack. Just as importantly, we – along with a number of other companies recently and carelessly attacked by the Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) – directly oppose and challenged the International Dairy Foods Association’s (IDFA) decision to join the lawsuit against VT’s GMO labeling law.

Unfortunately, we’ve been hit with friendly fire. We are just as passionate about labeling GMOs as the OCA, so it’s disappointing that they’ve attempted to undermine us with their latest report claiming we’re passively supporting opponents of GMO labeling. They’d like us to end our membership with the IDFA. Instead, we’re working alongside like-minded IDFA member companies to try to use our influence to get the organization to change its mind and no longer support the lawsuit against Vermont’s labeling law.

The OCA may believe that quitting the IDFA is the right way to support GMO labeling. But at this point in time we disagree, instead of quitting, we’re fighting harder. After all, if we believed that positions about GMO labeling couldn’t be changed, we wouldn’t be in this fight in the first place.