Map of Stonyfield Ingredient Sources

You know that moment when you’re feeding loved ones something you’ve made from scratch and it just feels like it’s better for them? Or when you go berry picking, and the berries that came from the farm where you met the farmer taste even more delicious?

It would be great if we could have that feeling all the time. But let’s be real, as a mom of two kids, I feel like it’s amazing if I made it out the door without putting my shirt on backwards. Scratch-made everything just isn’t in the cards. That’s where purchasing food from companies we trust comes in.

As a Stonyfielder, I’ve been able to have the feeling that I really know where my food is coming from because I’ve had an insider’s view of the way we work with our organic ingredient suppliers. As a mom, that’s always been incredibly reassuring when I feed my kids our yogurt.

Now YOU can be an insider, too.

That’s right. Get to know the farmers that contribute to our products a little bit better. In a groundbreaking move in transparency for a food company, Stonyfield has launched Stonyfield Source Map – a beautiful, interactive map that takes you deep onto the farms that supply our primary ingredients.

Through farmer profiles, imagery of the actual farms, and in-depth videos of ingredients like bananas and blueberries, you can go on a journey to learn more about the main ingredients in your yogurt cup.

Ready to dive in? Meet the Taylors, a father and son in Washington State who grow our organic pears.