Safe baby bottles

We have many moms and dads here at Stonyfield and we love to give our little ones safe products that make us feel good. That certainly applies to one of our myStonyfield Rewards partners and their line of baby bottles and so we wanted you to get to know a company we love.

We’d like to introduce you to our new friend Jane Walter, founder of organicKidz. organicKidz is a family owned and operated business which makes safe and environmentally friendly baby bottles which you’ll now find through our myStonyfield Rewards Program!

So, Jane, tell us more:

1) How did your company get started?
organicKidz was started to provide parents, and their children, with safer, greener products. When my children were babies they were exposed to BPA (bisphenol A) in their polycarbonate bottles. I had purchased what were supposed to be “the best” baby bottles on the market. Unfortunately, they ended up being one of the brands with the highest levels of BPA in them. I wanted to make the safest, greenest bottle so other parents would have peace of mind when feeding their own children. That meant creating the world’s first Stainless Steel Baby Bottle. Stainless steel is made of all natural elements so it doesn’t have BPA, PVC, Phthalates or other toxins that plastic bottles can, and it won’t shatter like glass. It’s the safer, greener choice.

2) What is your company’s mission/philosophy?
At organicKidz we believe that access to safe products for children should be a right, not an option. We understand that the purchases we make have a huge impact on the world our children live in. This is why we make our products from Stainless Steel. Free from toxins, 100% recyclable and naturally bacteria resistant – what could be better? At organicKidz, our products grow with your child from birth to toddler to school and beyond. Affordable and versatile…better for our children…better for our planet.

3) Why are you excited about being a partner in the rewards program?
You’ll always find a Stonyfield cow somewhere in our refrigerator – we love Stonyfield products because we know they’re good for our children. We don’t have to give it a second thought! So when the opportunity came up to partner with Stonyfield in the Rewards Program – we were honored. Like Stonyfield and their other Rewards Partners, we’re trying to help parents raise healthy children by providing them with safe, natural choices.

4) Tell us about one thing your company is working on right now that you are really excited about.

We’re working on our new 11oz Thermal Baby Bottle and Thermal Food Containers which will hit store shelves in 2012. Parents won’t have to worry about carrying ice packs or insulated bags to help them keep milk cold anymore. Now play dates, outings and travel will be much easier! They’ll be great too for carrying hot sterile water for formula feeding throughout the day. Like all our baby bottles, our 11oz bottles will convert to Sippy Cup and then to Water Bottle when your child is ready. We’re excited that we’re going to give parents more flexibility in their daily lives and provide them will long lasting products.

5) What is your favorite flavor of Stonyfield yogurt (or product)?
That depends on who you talk to in our house! French Vanilla is always a hit, but Strawberry…well, that’s my favorite!

little girl with organicKidz bottle

Check out organicKidz bottles on our site and if you aren’t already a rewards member, sign up here!