Earth Day is on the way and we’d like to introduce a new myStonyfield Rewards partner doing big things to make this planet a little greener. NativeEnergy is a provider of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits. They also help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain sustainability goals. And if you like to geek out on sustainability as much as we do, you can even use their carbon calculator for your household and figure out what your personal carbon footprint is and then take action!

We’re happy to introduce Brian Killkelley, NativeEnergy’s director on the project development team.

Windmills provide clean, eco-friendly energy to the world.How did you all get started?
NativeEnergy was founded in 2000 with the goal of using carbon offsets to help finance one of the nation’s first tribally owned wind turbines. Since then our portfolio of projects has grown to more than 50 around the world.

What is your company’s mission/philosophy?
NativeEnergy’s mission is to use our unique brand of Help BuildTM carbon offsets to finance the construction of wind, biogas, solar and other carbon reducing projects with strong social and environmental benefits.

Said another way, our mission is to collaborate with our clients to make projects happen that wouldn’t have happened if all of us didn’t co-operate.

Why are you excited about being a partner in the rewards program?
The rewards program has helped push our mission out to a wider audience of people who may not have been aware of what we do. The more people that know about NativeEnergy and support the work we do to reduce emissions, the more projects we can build together.

Tell us about 1 thing your company is working on right now that you are really excited about.
I am excited about some of the new projects we are working to support through our Help BuildTM model. Currently we are involved with several Native American Tribes to develop new renewable energy projects. This is a big deal for us given our roots in supporting the Tribes. We also have a school based community wind project in the works.

What is your favorite flavor of Stonyfield yogurt (or product)?
I have two children so our house is stocked with YoKids.

“Redeem your points to help support NativeEnergy on our myStonyfield Rewards site and if you are not already a rewards member, sign up here!”