See what we named the newest members of the Stonyfield family!

Unlike many commercial dairy farms, we manage our farm to be a seasonal operation. That means that our cows are all on the same schedule: give birth at the same time, get bred at the same time, and “dry off” (or stop being milked) at the same time. Due to the cows’ differing nutritional needs at different times in their lactation, it’s easier for us to manage them if they’re all on the same schedule. And it means that when they’re dry, we don’t have to milk ANY cows, and we get a little breather from the intensity of the milking schedule, which is a twice-a-day, every day commitment.
That also means that, during calving time, the babies come fast and furious! I’ve watched as many as four cows in labor at the same time, and the calf pen fills up at an alarming rate, with babies that need to be fed… and named, and fussed over. My two boys, Patrick and Frankie, ages 3 and 4, take care of the fussing. But after coming up with a host of very creative names (Spotty, Dotty, Brownie, Beauty, and Starlight), they are a little burned out on naming calves. The same can be said of me and my husband, having named 60 or so cows before our kids took over the gig.

So this year, we are soliciting YOUR help to name our 5 remaining nameless calves! And to make it even more fun, winners will receive a Stonyfield prize pack with Stonyfield swag and coupons!

Naming Contest

Suggest your favorite cow names in the comments below. Be sure to indicate which calf your suggestion is intended for.

In the case of duplicate suggestions, the first person to suggest the winning name will be the winner, so read the other ideas before you post! Of course, names which are already given to cows in our herd will be disqualified, though I can’t list them all here for practical reasons.

Patrick and Frankie, will be the scrupulous judges– see them below making their most scrupulous faces.

Patrick will judge the calf name submissions. Frankie will also be judging calf names










Ready, set… name that calf!

Name Stella's calf! Name the child of Valentine!










Submit a name for Dorothy's calf! Name Nala's pride and joy!











Rosie's calf needs a riveting name!












The contest closes on Thursday, July 24, 2014, so make sure to get your votes in! The judges will deliberate and the winners will be announced on Friday, August 1 ,2014. Be creative, be fun and good luck!