Snacking on the go can be healthy

By Sarah White

Parents, does this scenario sound familiar?

My child could have just eaten a 4-course meal, but as soon as we get in the car to run errands or go to a playdate, she is hungry again. Not hungry — starving. Complete with tears, whining, and drama.

Even if we have just eaten before leaving the house, I never leave without some easy snack I can throw in my purse. Since we rarely purchase snacks while running errands, I love bringing a refrigerated yogurt pouch on-the-go with us.

Because refrigerated yogurt pouches can safely stay at room temperature for up to 4 hours, they are perfect for me to pop in my purse on the way out the door. That way, I have a healthy, wholesome snack on hand to easily hand to my child in a store, in the car, or even at the gym!

The refrigerated yogurt pouches are especially handy because there is no mess. Kids (and even babies) can easily eat them anywhere without any spilling! No post-snack mess to clean up means more time in the day for this busy mom.

Since my children are 4 and 5, we rarely make it more than 4 hours out running errands. What is wonderful about the refrigerated yogurt pouches, though, is that they will stay fresh at room temperature for 4 hours. I can even pack them in my son’s school lunch!

I can get a lot done in 4 hours. I could probably even fit in a trip to the gym, the grocery store, and the library in 4 hours. Thankfully, refrigerated yogurt pouches will also last four hours, so when we need a snack, I can just grab one (or two) from my purse and we’re all set! Everyone is happy.

Sarah White believes passionately that eating natural foods does not have to break the bank. To this end, she devotes her time to creating a healthy lifestyle for her family while saving money. All that knowledge is on Mindfully Frugal Mom , a site where you can find delicious recipes and CSA ideas, as well as ways to save money on whole foods and sustainable products.