sandra-dee-blog-post-622x355-1.jpgOkay. At Stonyfield, we love cows. No. Seriously.  We LOVE cows. And we have a lot to thank them for!  Did you know that in 1983 Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg put their 7 cows to work to support their organic farming school?

The first batch of Stonyfield yogurt was made with milk produced by those cows. Selling the yogurt was simply a way to support the school.  Samuel and Gary were determined to change the world, even if they had to do it one cup of yogurt at a time.

The rest, as they say, is history.  Stonyfield has gone on to become the country’s leading organic yogurt maker.  While the farming school is gone, Stonyfield has been true to the intentions of its founders.  We’re still here in New Hampshire, just 30 miles east of the old farm.

Today, everything we make isn’t just delicious, it’s certified organic and made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.  And while we’re at it, we support family farms and take care of the world around us.

When we met Tim from Maple Hill Creamery and the Van Amburghs from one of the 100% Grassfed Dairy farms in the MHC network, we knew they were kindred spirits.

We had been looking for a supplier of 100% Grassfed milk for our new 100% Grassfed yogurt. We wanted to offer our fans the option of a 100% Grassfed yogurt with all the flavor and creamy texture they have come to expect from Stonyfield.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the right resource since suppliers of 100% Grassfed milk are still few and far between.

When we met Tim, we knew right away that he was passionate about his 100% Grassfed Milk.  He sounded just like us!  But when he introduced us to Phyllis and Paul Van Amburgh, we knew this was the alliance for us. Phyllis and Paul own one of the dairy farms in the Maple Hill Creamery network and they are truly passionate about grass.

Listening to Phyllis talk about grass as a constantly renewing all-you-can-eat buffet, you might actually get a little misty eyed. She proudly showed us a photo of her cow, Sandra Dee.  As it turns out, Phyllis is on a first-name basis with all of her cows.

At Maple Hill Creamery they love cows.  We love cows. They make yogurt.  We make yogurt. Whaaaat? They make yogurt? Wait a minute, don’t we make yogurt? And they make good yogurt. But their yogurt is different and we believe that there is room for lots of good yogurts in the marketplace.  Especially when it’s made by folks who care about the same things we do.

We are happy to bring a mild and delicious organic 100% Grassfed Yogurt to a larger market and a potentially different customer.  And we are glad to have an ally that shares our vision.

We are always working to get to know and support the organic farmers and suppliers who help us create food that makes the world a better place for all of us.

At Stonyfield, we’ve been about better from the beginning.  100% Grassfed yogurt and our alliance with Maple Hill Creamery is just one more step in that direction.

Join the movement.  Eat more yogurt!