Team Stonyfield at the Boston Marathon

We’ve invited members of Team Stonyfield to share moments of their personal journeys to the 2014 Boston Marathon. Team member Lauren Newcomb (pictured above, left) celebrates the people and places that make her love her life as a runner.

Hi Stonyfield fans! I can’t believe that I was given the opportunity to run Boston with my dad AND represent such an amazing company! With the fast qualifying times, and my heavy workload at school I thought there was no way I would get in to Boston. Then my dad found Stonyfield! My dad and I do every big race together, and he always kicks my butt.

I currently live in Houston and am in nursing school. He is in Dallas, but we find a way to do about 4 races a year together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I am in Houston, I train with my wonderful friends Caitlin and Kelly. They keep me motivated and laughing on our long runs at Memorial Park. I take frequent weekend trips to Austin to see my boyfriend where I enjoying doing long runs around Lady Bird Lake. I am fortunate to have such wonderful places to run all around Texas!

I kicked off my training in January by running the Houston Marathon while my dad ran the half. In February, I ran the Austin Half Marathon with two friends, Steve and Jenny, whom I ran cross country with in high school. It is crazy to think how we are all still running!

The journey to Boston this year has been exciting but a tiring one. This is the first time I will have run two marathons in one year, all while trying to keep up with my schoolwork and hospital shifts as a student. I am very lucky to have had such great support from my family, friends, and even teachers along the way.

I started running marathons in 2009 as a sophomore in college. I was hooked from the beginning. In 2011, my dad and I ran the Boston Marathon. Dad got injured and unfortunately was not able to finish the race. Therefore, he decided to go back in 2013, but I chose to run a local marathon so that I could focus on getting into nursing school. I regret not choosing to run Boston again with him. We’re a great father/daughter team, and I hated not being able to cheer for him during a race he put so much time and effort into over the past several months.

For this reason, I am very anxious and excited to be able to finally run Boston with my dad, even though I know he’ll still beat me!

April 21st is going to be such a special day for all of us! See you in Hopkinton!