Happiness is my word.  Happiness with healthy living, family fun and cooking is all what I try to inspire at little island studios.  My life changed years ago when I changed my entire way of eating.  Gone were the processed dinners, diet drinks and packaged foods.  My life changed, I was not tired, drowsy, my anxiety, that I had struggled with had almost disappeared and it was all because I had changed my entire way of eating and the way I thought about food.

 I have to say, when I received a copy of The Happiness Diet, I was thrilled that someone put my thoughts to good use…and then I realized that it wasn’t actually my book!  The Happiness Diet is written by Tyler Graham & Drew Ramsey, MD and it is a must-read by anyone looking for real change in their mental and physical health.  Food matters – mentally and physically – it matters.  Please understand that The Happiness Diet is not actually a diet per se, but a way of life.  Real food from real sources are in fact how the human body was intended to sustain itself.  With the current modern American diet (MAD), as it is, it is imperative that we get back to real food for wellness!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 100 Reasons To Avoid Processed Foods in little excerpts throughout the book.  Other top favorite topics were Foods for EnergyFoods for Good Moods and Thought. Shopping and Stocking Your Kitchen and a great resource of recipes to start with.  From breakfast, snacks, desserts and everything in between!

The book talks in-depth about additives and fillers in our food system and does mention Monsanto, GMOs, factory farms, pesticides and the harm from them, but does not go into detail it or just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  The book focuses on pretty much what is in the everyday main stream grocer, but no previous knowledge about the food system is required.  When you are ready to change your body, mind and happiness, start here – The Happiness Diet!