What a nice random act of kindness!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and we’re in the mood for love. But, instead of getting all romantic, we’ve asked our fellow Stonyfielders to share with us stories about their own experiences with random acts of kindness. Since, much to our delight, this entire week is Random Acts of Kindness Week (#RAKWeek)!

Here’s what they had to share:

Alison: “I secretly picked up a tab for a group of soldiers at a restaurant to thank them for their service.”

Krysta: “In my morning runs for a hot beverage, I had people pay for my order and I in turn paid it forward to the next person. I also did this as the one to “start” the random act of kindness, too.”

Gina: “For Christmas this year, instead of giving each other gifts, Brenda and I paid off the lay-away balances for 8 families.

We also have a term in our household of “sparklies” – a small gift that puts a smile (sparkle) on someone’s face. For instance, a friend found an old Pez dispenser to add to my collection and brought it in for me and it put a huge smile on my face.”

Lisa: “Before the days of EZ pass, I once had a person in front of me at the toll booth pay for my toll. I then wanted to pay it forward and did it for someone else once.”

We also asked our Facebook fans to share some kind acts with us and we were blown away by the responses! We know our fans are the absolute best, but it was so inspiring to read your stories – everything from helping strangers pay for groceries, to shoveling walkways and sending anonymous Valentines to nursing home residents. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t get through all of the hundreds of stories because I kept tearing up.

What’s the best random act of kindness you’ve been part of? Tell us in the comments and maybe we’ll share a little kindness with some of you!