What would you do to pass joy along?

Earlier this month, Alison here at Stonyfield took the opportunity to pass some joy on to one of her favorite fans – 99-year-old Clara. The act really moved us. (If you haven’t seen the video, watch it: I promise you’ll be moved too!) Alison inspired us and got us thinking.

We meet fans every day here that make our jobs that much more worthwhile. Fans that love Stonyfield as much as we do. Fans we talk about with others and look forward to seeing pop up in our inboxes, on our Facebook pages, and in our Twitter feeds. We thought it was a good time to appreciate them and to keep sharing Alison’s spirit of spreading some Stonyfield love around.

So we created “Wake Up Paying it Forward” day as part of our #WakeUpWithStonyfield campaign. To start the momentum, I enlisted four other Stonyfield employees and asked them to write to a fan that made their day. We picked five fans have that communicated with us in different ways and sent them a Pay it Forward package consisting of goodies and five coupons for them, five coupons to pass along, and a few more for those five friends to pass along.

We’re hoping to start a chain of Pay it Forward actions and we hope you’ll join us. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, just take a moment and do something unprompted and unexpected to spread joy. See what happens and share your moments with us.

Here are the fans that we Payed it Forward to:

Ryan T (age 6) of Maryland

Ryan’s helps his mom’s orthodontic’s office collect Stonyfield cups and then mails them into Preserve so they can be made into toothbrushes. While they are collecting the cups & waiting to gather enough to send in to Preserve, he loves to make “art” or “structures” that all the patients can enjoy while they are waiting for the doctor! It’s a great way for them to draw attention to the great recycling effort they are trying to support….and a great example of Reusing & Recycling our cups!

- Amy P., Social Media

@crunchymom of Maine

I chose Julie because she has been a long time fan of Stonyfield on twitter. She is always sharing positive stories about our yogurt and our company, for no other reason than simply because she loves us! So – I want to send a little love back her way, for the many times she has put a smile on my face with her tweets.

– Kristina, Communications

Ayesha of MA

We were so happy to hear from Ayesha in April… she’s been a long-time fan who always has a kind word to share. Her family of five each has their personal favorite Stonyfield product, and her note to us warmed our hearts.

- Rock, Consumer Relations

Kaia of Minnesota

Kaia wrote the following on our YoBaby Facebook page recently:

“I just gave my baby girl yobaby blueberry for the first time, and she couldn’t get enough. Grateful that I didn’t have to think too much, for once, about what to buy for her, or put in her system. Thanks for making at least one decision easy for an overwhelmed new mommy! Bonus that she loves it, too!”

I nominated Kaia for the paying it forward day because I love seeing new moms fall in love with YoBaby for the first time and then sharing their excitement back with us. She wasn’t asking for anything, but simply thanking us for making a product she felt good about feeding to her baby.

– Chandra, Communications

@chrrydame of Georgia

I see so many great Instagram photos tagged with Stonyfield but Amber’s really excited me. Not only was she sharing delicious recipes and smoothies but they were photographed with such care. It is clear she has an artistic eye and a passion for Stonyfield and the combination of the two makes me proud and hungry all at once. Thanks Amber for making our yogurt looks so snazzy.

– Amy V., Social Media